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Team Pixelboy News Bulletin - December 25th 2023


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Merry Christmas, Colecovision fanatics! :)


First of all, I'd like to wish you all some very Happy Holidays. Secondly, I won't be posting any news bulletin on January 1st 2024 like I usually do every year, I will instead round up everything in today's thread.


Before anything else, you will find the ROMs of Space Shuttle and Utopia attached below. These will be my final public releases on the AtariAge forums. Any other Team Pixelboy ROMs which I haven't released are in the hands of other homebrewers (CollectorVision, Opcode Games and AtariAge) and it's up to them to decide if they want to release those ROMs publicly.


Now for some quick news: I've been working on-and-off on the various "homebrew" series of ColecoVision trading cards throughout the past year, and I must say this has been taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. The good news is that the Team Pixelboy, CollectorVision and Opcode Games cards are mostly finished except for the screenshots on the back of the cards.


This week, I will be finishing up the work on the other "Homebrews" and "Homebrew Boxes" sub-series (minus the screenshots) and after that I'll work on the supplementary "Hardware" series, which will include cards for commercially-released third-party controllers, Edladdin controllers, doubledown controllers, and a few others like Opcode's Super Game Module and the CollectorVision Phoenix. Not a ton of cards to do there, but still a lot of work ahead. And of course, adding the screenshots to all the homebrew cards will be a monster job for sure, so I don't expect the upcoming series of trading cards will be ready before late spring 2024. That was the bad news, unfortunately...


But I can share with you a juicy tid-bit of information: The Team Pixelboy sub-series of trading cards will not only cover all the boxed Team Pixelboy releases, but it will also include no less than 48(!) cards for "dream games" that I never got around to developing and releasing, and many of them will feature beautiful never-before-seen custom box artwork for the front side of the cards. Trust me when I say that particular sub-series of trading cards will be quite a treat! :D


Oh, and before I forget, the Canadian series of trading cards is now all done and will be another series that I will release next year alongside the various homebrew series. The only card missing from the Canadian series is the one for Root Beer Tapper. I did hear back from AtariAge user ValkerieSilk about that roughly a month ago, but he left me hanging, and so I'm still hoping to get a scan of the (apparently extremely rare) Canadian box of Root Beer Tapper from him within the next few months. If I can't get that box scan, I'll just release the Canadian series without Root Beer Taper.


With all this said, you will find in a subsequent post below a list of requests and questions which you guys can hopefully help me with, in regards to my trading card series.


Again, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all! :D

This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.


EDIT: I added below the 128K MegaCart ROM version of Space Shuttle, which should run properly with the Atarimax Ultimate SD cartridge. Please keep in mind that this 128K version was not beta-tested like the 64K version was, but it should generally work fine.

space_shuttle_cv.rom utopia_cv.rom


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Where my upcoming ColecoVision trading card series are concerned, there are a few loose ends I would (hopefully) like to wrap up with the help of the ColecoVision fan community.


1) Several years ago, CollectorVision released their Super Arcade Controller in limited quantities. From what I was told, 30 "regular" black copies of this controller we produced, and two white copies we also manufactured. I bought one of the black ones on eBay a few years ago (doubledown currently has it for picture-snapping purposes) and I would like to make a separate card for the white version if I can. Does anyone here own (or know who owns) one of those two white controllers?


2) There are several different box variants of John Dondzila's Star Fortress and Space Invasion, and I have yet to get scans for all of them. I attached some pictures of the ones I'm missing at the bottom of this post (the ones I'm looking for are inside the red rectangles). If anyone has these boxes in his collection and could scan the front side of those boxes for me, I would appreciate it.


3) Daniel/Amy Bienvenu once told me that only one boxed copy of BUSTin-Out Volume 3 was originally manufactured. Does anyone know who currently owns this single copy (which is not to be confused with the version released several years later by CollectorVision)? If I can't get a scan of that box, I'll simply leave it out of the homebrew trading card series, but I'd like to include it if I can.


4) Just to confirm, did Côté Gamers include controller overlays with their complete-in-box release of Rollerpede?


5) Could someone test their CollectorVision copy of Lord of the Dungeon and let me know if their battery save still works?


6) Edladdin graciously supplied me with pictures of their controllers, but there are lingering questions about these controllers which I would like to get answers to:


6.a) If I understand correctly, the little on/off switch behind certain Edladdin controllers lets the player put the controller in either Atari 2600/7800 mode or ColecoVision mode? On the "Seagull CV" the switch is used to select between CV and Flashback output? Am I getting this right?


6.b) What functions do the two extra black/white buttons have on the "Super Arcade Controller" and "Super Arcade Controller +"?


6.c) On the "Super Arcade Controller", I'm seeing three cables on the back. Are these cables detachable, or are they soldered in?


6.d) On the "Super Arcade Controller +", the three back cables are apparently replaced with just DB9 connectors on the back of the unit. Did Edladdin supply at least one cable, and if so, can this cable be used on any of the three DB9 plugs?


I have other questions related to Edladdin's controllers, but they are the kind of questions that only Edladdin himself can answer. Hopefully he will reply to my private message and answer those lingering questions.

Thanks in advance for any help regarding the above questions and requests!



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18 minutes ago, livingonwheels said:

Do we need to change the file extension of these games from .rom to .col for use in the Atarimax Ultimate SD for Colecovision?

Nope, as far as I know they should work with the .rom extension. 


Please note that Space Shuttle is a 64K ROM, which implies that it uses the "Activision PCB" bankswitching architecture. I believe a firmware update is required to make such 64K ROMs playable on the Atarimax Ultimate SD cartridge. I mention it because not all owners of the SD cart may have downloaded and installed that firmware update.


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10 minutes ago, evg2000 said:

so you have the space invasion without the copyright notice? Mine looks like the one with the red box, but no copyright notice below it. Also, my dacman is slightly different, guessing you probably have the variation I have also.

Oh dear, another box variant of Space Invasion? My version of the Dacman box is also slightly different from yours.


Can you please show me what the back of both boxes looks like? I'd like to try to determine if these are "official" boxes, or just alternate homebrew boxes created after the releases.  :)


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1 hour ago, evg2000 said:


Interesting, I guess... I'll put these boxes in the "homebrew boxes" series, since I see no indication that these are "original" boxes.


Could you please scan the front of these boxes at 300 DPI and send the scans to me by e-mail?  :) 


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I'm heading out for the rest of the day.  I'll try to get them to you tomorrow.  I believe I bought the one directly from John and Dacman I believe I bought at CGE when the cart was released there.  I will see if I can find more information, it would be on a different computer.

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Many thanks for these (final) yearly golden nuggets. Thanks to your generosity throughout the years, we have a wonderful treasure trove of quality homebrews for all to enjoy and relish! Merry Christmas, and the best 2024 imaginable.


It is in this spirt, that I fervently hope others you've mentioned above may be so generous in sharing and releasing some of their games in .rom format for all to enjoy as gifts...

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