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Label Flaw on Star Raiders 8-bit


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Hi Everyone,

I have been winning a bunch of EBAY auctions trying to enhance my Coleco, C64/128 and Atari 130XE collection. Recently I won an auction with 5 carts for the XE. One of them was Star Raiders. No big deal. I already have 3 of them , but I noticed something different as soon as I opened the package. Star Raiders looked wrong. Then I realized it says Star Raider without the s at the end of raider. I quickly checked my other SR carts and they all are identical and say Star Raiders. Does this type of misprint or flaw make this cart special? Also, its not just that a letter was left off. Right after the last R in Raider in the tm symbol. Its not spaced one char away like it would have been if the S was just missing but supposed to be there. This cart clearly says:





Anyway, anyone with any info?

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Yeah this is a common label variation. For some reason the first run of Star Raiders left off the S. I don't think it's worth all that much more, but I still need one. The version with the S is much more common however.



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