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Vectrex-savvy technicians anywhere in California (or even US West Coast)?


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Hi all,


My trusty old Vectrex is in need of some repair / adjustment work which I believe is beyond the limits of my own modest soldering and repair skills. To be more specific: the system works fine, but the image on the screen collapses horizontally so that it's about 1-2" wide. Here's a short video showing what it's doing: https://imgur.com/a/jZ04L3a


I took the rear case off and discovered that if I manually press the large vertical circuit board way from the display, the image will snap back to full width. Obviously that's not a great long-term solution, but I'm assuming that this indicates that something on that board isn't making solid electrical contact.


The system is also probably due for a preventative recap, but at this point I honestly don't know if that's anything to do with the display weirdness. As noted above, I have decent beginner-level soldering and repair skills. I'm proud that I was able to successfully recap my Apple II floppy drive and a few things like that, but I'm just not willing to use something as rare and special as a Vectrex as a "learning opportunity" that could easily cause more damage than it fixes.


With that said, if anyone knows of someone in / near California who has the skills to diagnose and repair my Vectrex, I'd love to know. I'm not really willing to ship it, so something within road-trip distance is preferred. Thanks in advance for any guidance!





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