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Connecting my 7800 to my HDMI tv


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You can perform a composit/S-Video out mod and then use a converter like RetroTink. I don’t think there’s a direct digital-only HDMI out mod (probably because it would need to convert the output of two video chips).

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If it has an analog tuner then this is the least expensive and simplest solution if you just want to connect it without modding. 



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Plugging into the coax jack of the TV with the adapter linked above is a great way but I'll mention that on some TVs the latency can be noticeable since there is often no "low latency" game mode on the coax input. On my older 1080p TVs using that adapter to go in through the coax jack works great with no noticeable latency. But on a couple newer LG 4k TVs that I have, the latency is a little rough. Playing fast paced games like Kaboom on those newer TVs feels like I'm drunk with the extra delay and it's hard to get even a mediocre score like that. For those newer TVs, if I run the Atari through an old VCR (or RF demodulator) and into the composite jack (yellow, red, white) jack on the tv and then enable the low latency game mode then i can play without any noticeable latency.

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On 4/10/2024 at 6:22 PM, BIGHMW said:

Here's how you use one, watch my video!!! I did it 3 years ago 6 months after first getting mine in the mail.



That looks like it produces a pretty decent picture. Thanks.


Any latency issues?

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