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3 hours ago, Vorticon said:

Qui è dove pubblico tutti i video delle mie esplorazioni selvagge e sconnesse. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7jPe5L4y1mB_hbSuo0KIOg

Congratulations Vorticon! I became the 281st subscriber to your channel!👍🏻 If any other person who passes by here has a YouTube channel, please let us know Ti99ers😉

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On 1/5/2024 at 5:16 AM, pjduplooy said:

I think a thread just for TI related YT videos would be great. LOL.  It is not really OT...


But here goes:



There's a few games shown in that video that I've never seen before, Spudz and Core! plus some other titles written on the tape covers shown in the pile of tapes.  I wonder if we can get him to upload them for the Ti99/4a community?

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On 1/6/2024 at 12:03 AM, globeron said:


Nice!  (was wondering what you are working on).  Now with the Mario being back in focus, hope to see one day Mario Kart coming out soon for the TI-99/4A 🙂 





A Mario Kart like game on the TI would be great 

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Only have 3 TI99 videos uploaded so far, one from a while ago and two recently of me testing my systems after 13 years in storage.




Moving forward I will be posting at least weekly on my YT channel another TI99 video, and nothing else but TI99 related videos, so check back after or subscribe to not miss any uploads!



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What the heck. On the non-zero probability that someone cares here's my channel :)


This video shows how to link Assembler object files into memory and run them from Camel99 Forth. 

(Now that I see it after all this time, I should do a follow up on saving Forth executable programs that call object code)




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