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Ali Express Emulator Consoles Thread

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  • 4 weeks later...

I picked up an Anbernic RG353M on sale after seeing some reviews online and in this thread, and I think it's awesome.  It does everything I wanted it to do, flawlessly.  I mostly bought it for MAME arcade cabinet games and 16-bit consoles like Sega Genesis.  It runs all of that perfectly. 


I had every intention of installing CFW like ArkOS on it, thinking I would need to in order to tap into the full potential of the hardware, but so far I have no need.  As everyone that has used it already mentioned, it runs 16-bit, 32-bit and Playstation-type games great.  I don't have too much experience with other consoles, but for example I played Turok Dinosaur Hunter on N64 and it looked fine to me.  Smooth with no glitches at all.  I'm able to tweak settings and which emulator to use in the stock firmware if necessary.  I even played N64 Star Wars Rogue Squadron on it just for a test, and the video is fine, with some audio stuttering.


It's also easy to configure the controls, which was super important to me.  I was able to set up MAME for the Tron arcade cabinet to work just how I like it.  The D-pad controls Tron's movement for the lightcycles and tanks and the left analog stick is for the grid bugs and MCP cone.  The right analog stick controls the spinner from the arcade cabinet for Tron's arm and the tank cannon, and I also mapped the shoulder buttons to do the same.  Very cool.


I've discovered a lot of cool games on systems I hadn't used too much, like the Sega 32X and Game Boy Advance.  


The biggest compliment I can give is that I brought it to a doctor's appointment the other day knowing I'd be in the waiting room for a while, and the time flew by so fast I barely felt like I was waiting for 30 seconds.  There were so many awesome games to play!



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Oh I've had a ton of these. Mostly I give them as holiday gifts. (sorry fam, you got Datafrog sf2000's last year)

Ali's emu-boxes are neat, but I never really like them. They never seem to 'game' very well, but the Powkiddy A13 was the most disappointing of them because I REALLY wanted to like it:

  • Loud speaker
  • Arcade Controls
  • Aftermarket Firmware
  • Folds down small

Kept it in my glove box, used it to save the clutch of my temp-junker mazdaspeed3 by pulling off on busy traffic days and gaming (car's clutch hydraulics were going).

  • Anyway, the first board, that I spent all that time building and loading SD cards for burnt up, about the 3rd use--smoke came out in my lap
  • what a 'coincidence' aliexpress sells a revised replacement board
  • New board can't take the aftermarket firmware ☹
  • Also stopped loading games after...I swear this video is the first time I've turned it on after the initial testing of the replacement board, and it won't load ANYTHING, and just freezes.

REALLY cool idea, but I wish it wasn't 100% useless.

Made a quick vid to vent :D , it'll finish processing some time in here

^^(also that Datafrog up there--it may not be good, but it's one where 'for the price' helps out, because that's a lot of stuff for $20 shipped)



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I have a loose-ish interest in these kinds of things, though my interests are really with the older models of these bootleg systems like the infamous "Power Player Super Joy III" that was the Famicom on a chip encased inside of a janky Nintendo 64 controller mold. But I still window shop for these kinds of gadgets on AliExpress and sometimes people who watch my Twitch/YouTube stream will send me tech they find on AliExpress or Wish etc for me to check out and play.


That said there was one plug and play bootleg NES system I had to have and that was the knockoff NES Classic that was bizarrely called "Coolbaby". For all intents and purposes it's just an imitation of the NES Classic except on the front where it would say "Nintendo Entertainment System" it instead says "Coolbaby Familycomputer [sic] System". It's got over 600 NES ROM's on it and a lot of them are those dumb "let's make a sprite hack of a game and put Mario in it and call it Super Mario Bros 14" hacks. Adventure Island (yuck) also makes many appearances under various names. There's also a ton of original NES games designed by Nice Code Software that have showed up on other NES/Famicom imitation machines that want to play nicely and not feature pirated games. Overall, not very good. I don't know how hard it would be for these dumb bootleggers to just download a NoIntro ROM set for the NES and dump its contents into one of these things. It's really not that hard.


Anyways here's a video from the first time the console was featured on my stream (it's been featured four times in total). Also here's a bonus video of me attempting to beat 1-1 in Super Mario Bros using a Sega Genesis controller (which has the same controller input plug as the Coolbaby controllers). If you find me to be annoying to watch then you can check out this video by Rerez that talks about the same console.


One of my friends was nice enough to make this image of me doing "the YouTube face" while holding the Coolbaby box. I hate it.



edit: There is a follow-up bootleg console that looks like the SNES Classic and while it's not called "Coolbaby" my viewers and I collectively nicknamed it "Coolbaby 2". It's more of the same and despite being a knock-off SNES Classic it's just more NES games. Of note is a romhack called "Dick Kids" and curiosity got the best of me and it turned out to be an edit of M.C. Kids where the player characters have their cock out. (In case you are wondering there is no difference in size between the black and white characters, so that myth has been busted.)



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Forgot to mention Dick Kids.
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I bought two emulation devices recently from AliExpress. The first is one that looks like a mini PS5 and even comes with a couple of Dual Sense 5 style controllers. It hooks up to a TV or monitor and it plays games, or at least most of them. As usually happens when I decide to try these devices, some games don't even launch. Some don't have English as an option for the language. (Gran Turismo, for example) Weirdly, the device has issues playing any arcade games with vector graphics. Asteroids, Lunar Lander, etc. run slow and crappy on it, but PS1 games run OK. 😲  I could have dealt with any of those issues because a lot of games run great on it, if not for the fact that the device is locked in widescreen with the graphics stretched. The RetroArch settings are locked and I don't know the code to unlock them, so the thing is literally locked in widescreen.


However, even with the issues that device has, it's infinitely better than the Anbernic RG35XX that I got. Out of the box, the only thing that worked on that was the power LED. Now that won't even turn on. The device itself never booted. I've tried charging it and it doesn't work.


So, yeah, mixed results for me from AliExpress when it comes to these devices. It's weird because, in the past couple months, I've bought PC components and cosmetic pieces for my PS5 from AliExrpess and been super happy with all of those. I guess I just have no luck with their emulation devices. Meanwhile, I bought a Gamestation Pro at 22% off on Amazon and some PNY micro SD cards and I was able to side load some Atari 5200 and 7800 Roms on that and it works great. It was about twice what I paid for the PS5 looking emulation device and almost $30 more than the Anbernic one. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

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