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Help Required - Looking for a (existing) Kernel to build a HERO clone

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Hello. I am a software engineer and already developed a couple of games for other platforms, but more of a high level, in C and C++ using SDL library, but I do have understanding of ASM, if that is required for this idea. I already run some tests with Atari basic and it is nothing difficult for me to handle it.

I am a fan of HERO game, and I got the HERO 2 hack cartridge from Game Select, and I think it has nice features, but the difficulty is kind of a cheating, placing enemies in the start of the room, so you have no time to miss them. There was a kind of discussion on that game, however, because it was just a hack and not a new code. So I was thinking, what would it take to develop a new one?

Is there a kernel that can be used for HERO-like games, or would be necessary to write a new one? I lack knowledge of how Atari dev kernels work, so I kinda need to know if I can use an existing one, or if I need to leran about this part before even starting.


Thanks in advance.

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