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The Official MSX Community Thread!

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I too am new to the MSX computer(s) - I decided to go with the MSX 1Chip.  (I know it was more expensive) but it was much smaller and used 'modern' accessories.  That is if you want to call PS/2 and VGA modern.


For me it has been a high learning curve - as the machine was never really in the US, I used all of the major US releases as a kid in the 80's - Apple, Atari, TI-99/4A, Commodore IBM (PC and JR) and a few I think I have even forgot.  THE MSX is neat because it uses a lot of MS-DOS style commands, but I am still learning.



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2 hours ago, c0op3r said:

I too am new to the MSX computer(s) - I decided to go with the MSX 1Chip.

Welcome Cooper! Buying the MSX for me was one of those things that I didn't get to do when I was young. I lived abroad a lot and every country my dad was transferred to, the MSX was popular like wildfire. I only had my TI-99/4A and Apple II+, so I missed out. The TI was very limited and I got the Apple II+ as a gift from my mom, but never once was able to use it. Because it didn't come with a floppy drive. I held on to it for a year then sold it. 

Meanwhile, the MSX was everywhere. I hear that Metal Gear Series started on it.

Here's a couple pics of the kinds I own. 



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Some of my best MSX deals in the 21th century came from UK sellers, because it was much less sought after on eBay UK than on other eBay sites. But I'm talking close to 15 years ago, and nowadays probably every market with sellers offering international shipping have been vacuumed.

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I have a National CF-2000 (MSX1) and a Sony HB-F1XDJ (MSX2+). I used both for developing games (Princess Quest, Mecha-8, Mecha-9)


It is incredible how many games run very well on MSX1. I have the whole Gradius series from Konami (along with other Konami games), and the SCC sound of Gradius II is great!


For the MSX2+ I enjoy very much Space Manbow.


Most recently, I ported @Artemio's 240p Test Suite to MSX1 and MSX2 for TV testing and aligning purposes. It can also identify your MSX from the SHA-1 hash. You can get it from https://github.com/nanochess/240pTestSuite_colecovision/


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I not too long ago got a few floppy disks with some Korean MSX games on them. To my knowledge the games were originally only released on cart, so I am guessing someone just wrote these and slapped them on disks. I don't have an actual MSX to test them, but I was able to get them running on blue MSX and they were kinda fun. It's definitely a system I'm curious about


MSX Floppy.jpg

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