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Arcade Box Emulation Console Discussion Thread

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Well, so, I got my Arcade Box about a year ago.  I bought it specifically to play Atari 2600 games.  It does.  It also play Atari 5200 and 7800 games.  And NES, SNES, GB, GBA and many more!  I love it!


A few words about the Arcade Box.


#1  The first thing I did was remove the SD card and put it in my computer to load ROMS onto it.  Well, immediately, my PC's anti-virus software attacked the SD card and ruined it.  I had to contact the seller and I had to download a repair tool.  What I learned the hard way is to always turn off my anti-virus software before inserting the SD card into my computer!


#2  It works great for everything up to and including PS1 and PSP.  


#3  It doesn't work well for N64.  Many if not most of the N64 games don't work.  Or for example Beetle Adventure Racing and Crusin' USA do work, but they freeze up after maybe fifteen minutes of hard racing.  You may want to look elsewhere for N64 gaming.  I play N64 games on my laptop, instead.


#4  There's no cooling fan inside.  You can play maybe up to Sega Genesis all day long and no problem, but if you try to play N64 or above, it overheats and then freezes up.  Beware.  Actually, so what I did was I added a cooling fan to mine.  Maybe I'll share a photo later.  N64 still freezes, but now I can play anything on the Arcade Box and it stays at a nice, cool temperature.  


#5  A disappointment, the seller said that the emulator software can't be updated.  So, not sure which version of the emulator it's using for Atari 2600, but all of the Champ Games demos won't play on it, unfortunately.  I play those on my laptop running Stella 6.7.  


#6  Be aware that a lot of the arcade games like Golden Tee Golf and American Horseshoes won't work because they need a track ball or some kind of special controller that the Arcade Box doesn't have.  


I'm satisfied with the wireless controllers.  They work great!  


I wouldn't really recommend this emulator box, though.  I would recommend buying one that has a cooling fan built in.  


So, this thing isn't perfect, but I love it!  For my first emulator box, I'm having a lot of fun with it.  


What do you guys think about the Arcade Box?  Anybody have one or have anything to share about it?  

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256GB Recovery Tool for Arcade Box


Note: This download does not contain any ROMS.  It only restores the factory software and settings on your 256GB SD card that came with your Arcade Box console.  


How to recover the system.docx


256G recover.rar file Download Link

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Hi all, I’m not a techy but just an enjoyer of retro games. Although not perfect I am having fun with the arcade box, however, for some reason on the FINAL BURN emulator, I can’t access the in game controller configs and so can change the game controls. It seems to be configured all wrong so all I can do is access the quick menu but can do anything else.


i only have the wired provided USB controllers


is there any other way of defaulting the in-game control configuration so at least I can access the in-game FB menu and actually change/select functions?


It only seems to be affected on the FB emulator, but very frustrating!! Do I need to or can I connect another USB device, like a mouse or keyboard so I can actually control button actions and hot keys?


thanks for aany help.

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You guys who have the Arcade Box or are interested in it,

Have you seen this?  

Guys are modding their Arcade 1 Up arcade machines with the Arcade Box to add 30,000 games!

Here is one guy's video about it on Youtube.

I cued it up to where he powers it on and you can see the Arcade Box menu come up.  

And here is another guy's video doing a similar mod adding an Arcade Box to his Mortal Kombat Arcade 1Up machine:

Here is one more video, similar mod, adding Arcade Box to Arcade 1Up Mortal Kombat machine.

Only difference I notice is that his user interface looks different.  Maybe he just changed the theme in settings?

So, what do you guys think about adding 30,000 games to your Arcade 1Up machines with Arcade Box mod?

I personally think it is SUPER COOL!  I wonder what do other people think.  

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And here is another video.  He adds 30,000 games to his Intec Switch Flight Deck on his Arcade 1 Up machine using the Arcade Box.  

He says just plug the HDMI and the Magic Adaptor into the Arcade Box and plug the Switch Flight Deck arcade controls into the Magic Adaptor and then just power it up!



He makes it look so easy!  I wonder if it's really that easy.  

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