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New colecovision with new problems


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This is my second colecovision. Bought on a whim for $29 but this is the best I've gotten it to work. It went from static and corrupted graphics to just the corrupted graphics. I know there is a memory replacement but is there anything else I should check before I use that to fix the graphics. I already have one, it's just a bunch of work.


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Clean the power switch thoroughly.  The Coleco power switch is notorious for getting dirty and not supplying enough power.  You may get away with shooting some contact cleaner in there and working it back and forth a few times (repeating this 2-3 times).  But the best way is to disassemble it and give everything a good clean.  There are guides and videos out there if you google them.  It may or may not fix the issue, but should be done anyway.  And may save you the hassle of replacing memory.


If you do go the memory replacement route, there is a newer option now to replace the DRAM with SRAM (instead of modifying the Coleco to use different DRAM).  You still have to do a little bit of work of removing some caps off the board in addition to the DRAM.  But it's another option out there.  And in theory should last longer than just using more old DRAM.



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