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The "haunted halloween tales" contest


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From now until Halloween, I would like you all to submit self written ghost stories or haunted tales. At the end of the holidays I will open voting up, and your fellow members will decide who wins. Im giving away Resident Evil: Code Veronica for the dreamcast along with a new VMU unit.. its the only "scary" thing I could think of.. except for defender. Where does the horror come in? I want this to be a potluck contest.. if you join and lose, and are ABLE, throw something cheap and odd into the mix (white elephant style gifts are what im thinking of) and we can see how creeped out the winner is when they get a ton of strange objects in the mail ;)


Submit as many stories as you want.


Take note, if you are found to have plagurized any stories, you will be removed from the contest.


Judging will be done via anonymous voting, and only one vote will be allowed per member to avoid stuffing. Also, new members who join around the time of the judging will not be allowed to vote, to prevent possible tampering (I.E. Joining just to vote for a buddies story)


The Contest will stop accepting stories Nov 1st at 5:00pm (you never know what will happen on all hallows eve to cause need to write a new story ;))


Thats about it.. so Rock on!

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...Im giving away Resident Evil: Code Veronica for the dreamcast along with a new VMU unit.. its the only "scary" thing I could think of.. except for defender...


Forgive me. What is a VMU unit again? :?


I have a few 2600 commons I could throw into the mix. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute a story for judging, since I ran out of time trying to design a Redemption 5200 label.


Good Luck everybody! Neat contest! 8)

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My scary story :


George W. Bush gets re-elected ....

The End




Or do you mean "Ghost" stories only ?



Anyway I have a 16K SRAM chip with 1 leg missing (5v+) that I can throw in to the prize pool

And a 7800 Jinks PROM with a few missing legs also :)

A couple of dead batteries (like in the VMU)

Asorted lenghts of wire

And some CD coasters ;)

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Billy and Ted were walking home one day. They walked down the ditch. They looked down one of the long pipes. They decided to go into the pipes. As they walked they heard the slush of water below their feet. Ted, scared, said to Billy “ I’m scared, lest get out of here!”

Billy agreed and they ran out of the tunnel. Billy, exhausted said “I hope the water dries before we get home.” Ted looked down at Billy’s legs and froze. “What’s wrong?” Billy asked.

Ted began to stutter and point to Billy’s jeans. Billy looked down and screamed. The water that was on his legs wasn’t water at all, it was blood. Just as Billy screamed, a beat-up old truck that was the color of the primer in Ted’s dads barbeque grill, drove across the bridge. Billy looked at the car, which was making an eerie humming noise, and he turned pail. He had seen the driver, a man that was missing all the skin on his face except a bloody patch on his cheek, and his eyes were red as fire and there was blood oozing out of the sockets. He was staring right at Billy and Ted, his eyes starting to glow. Billy screamed and tore out of there like a bat out of hell. Ted followed, scared of the blood, for he hadn’t seen the car. When Billy got home, he was so scared he ran straight to his room. He ate dinner silently and he was so scared he didn’t take a shower. He climbed into bed. He didn’t sleep. At midnight, he heard that eerie humming noise. He looked out the window, only to find that the weird driver was coming to the front door. This was the first time he saw the full body of the zombie. He noticed his arm was an axe, which the blade shined in the moonlight. He studied the man, too scared to move away from the window. Billy was shaking with fear. He knew that he had stumbled onto a secret in that tunnel. He knew that if he didn’t act, that zombie would kill him and his blood would be in the tunnel, for another unfortunate kid to step in. He saw the mans head turn up to his window, his eyes were glowing red dots in the silhouette of a zombie. The man dropped out of sight as went into the garage. He ran downstairs to warn his parents. He ran into the living room, where there was a T.V. on. He looked at the rocking chair, where he saw his mom sitting. He went around to the front to see the decapitated head of his mom sewn to the chair using some kind of large metal thread. He screamed and ran back upstairs to his parents bedroom, hoping to find his dad. He went into the room, and he froze in horror as he saw the blood covered walls and the rest of his mothers body. He ran into the closet to grab the loaded shotgun his father has in case of a burglar. As he turned around, the zombie was right behind him. Billy fired the shotgun into his chest a couple of times, leaving a bloody hole. He looked at the black blood oozing from the zombie. He looked at the lifeless body. As he bent over the head, the eyes flashed open and the monster revealed his dagger-like teeth. He saw the blood stains and the fresh blood on the teeth. Billy hit the zombie with the butt of the shotgun until it was black with the monsters blood. Then he dropped the gun and ran to Ted’s house. As he ran he heard the humming of the truck. He looked behind him to see the zombies truck barreling toward him. He looked closer to see his fathers head stuck to the hood like a hood ornament. He dove out of the way of the speeding truck, cutting across his neighbors yards. The truck turned around and followed him, taking out anything that got in his way. He hit a bird, and his headlights were now coated in blood. Billy ran as fast as he could, but it wasn’t good enough. The humming got closer as he heard the zombie laugh. His voice was shrill, and it cut through Billy like a knife. He shivered as he finally got to Ted’s house. He ran into the front door, screaming and yelling. Ted ran into the room where Billy was panting and shouting. “What’s wrong?” Ted asked. “A zombie or something is chasing me, we have to leave!” Just then, a bloody axe hacked its way through the door. Ted screamed as they ran to the upstairs bathroom, the only room in the house with a lock. The slipped out the window and onto the roof. Once out there they saw the creature smash through the door, then breaking out the window. He lifted his axe, which now shimmered red in the moonlight, to decapitate Ted. Billy speared the zombie, stopping the axe in mid swing and sending t he zombie off the roof. They heard a blood-curdling scream as the zombie hit the ground. They looked over the roof to find the zombie impaled on a fence stake. He lay lifeless, his glowing red eyes fading. As they looked, his face began to crack, showing a bright light from inside his skull. With a bright flash, the zombie’s head exploded. Billy watched as the axe slid of the body. They went down stairs to examine the corpse. When they got down there, Billy noticed the axe was gone. Scared, Billy looked around. He looked into the old truck where he found dozens of heads and other body parts. He ran away from the truck as it too, began to crack and glow. As the truck exploded, Billy saw a green smoke rise from the ashes. It floated up into the atmosphere. Billy watched in horror as it rose out of sight. The next day, everything was fine, although his mother and father were gone. Billy and Ted went back to the tunnel hoping the zombie and blood were gone. They went into there, shining their flashlights all around. They stopped in their tracks as they saw Ted’s mom and dad hanging from the roof, their faces frozen with horrified looks. Then, the entire room lit up, and they could see thousands of bodies scattered around the area, parts and pieces missing. Billy saw a flash, as he turned around, he saw Ted, standing there. He sad “Ted, cut it out, move or something!” He shook Ted, finding that he was cut in half. Ted’s body fell forward, revealing his missing back. Billy backed up. He bumped into something and turned around. He saw the zombie, hovering over him with his axe ready to swing. Billy screamed, but it was cut short by the swing of the axe. Billy’s head lie on the ground, still warm as it had just been cut off. The zombie picked it up and bit off the nose. He then threw the head into a huge pile and he turned out the lights.





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Billy and Ted were walking home one day.




The zombie picked it up and bit off the nose. He then threw the head into a huge pile and he turned out the lights.  






Actually that was pretty good vanman!! Very horrifying

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I used to work with somebody who once was a security guard at a local hospital (I don’t want to give out his name or the name of the hospital) that is very haunted. It’s Halloween, me and a group of people from work are over at his place. We’re having a good time, drinking a few beers, etc, when he begins tells us some stories from work then he produces this videotape.


Some of the stories:


One of the patents’ rooms is always 10-20 degrees colder than the rest of the building. There have been several sick patents who have died in this room but no body can explain why it’s so cold. It’s a normal room just like every other room in that same hallway.


About 20 years ago a nurse who always whistles while she works died of a heart attack while on duty. Sometimes you can still hear her whistling in the hallway. You would walk down the hallway and you would hear an invisible person whistling past you!


The sinks where the doctors wash their hands sometimes turn on by themselves!


Now about the videotape. The tape was made in the middle of the night by the security guards trying to catch the ghost on tape. A video camera was placed near the sinks another in the “cold” room and another placed in the morgue. Writing down what was on the tape is no where near as scary as actually watching it. The camera is pointed at a roll of sinks. All of a sudden one would come on. It would stay on for 30 seconds and turn off. There was no one staying in the “cold’ room when the camera was on but you can see the certain that separates the beds in the room move by itself. What happed in the morgue would make anyone piss their pants. First you hear banging noises then the crying of a little girl! I swear to god.


I don’t see this guy much any more. If I do see him I will try to get a copy of the tape, I don't have a copy That will a great prize for the winner of this contest! Hahaha!

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Ok, here it is. Like I said before, this was an assinment in skool, and it had to be 'artsy' so basicly not to violent and gory, it was supposed to be E.A. Poe-ish so here ya go!


I felt a presence around. I thought nothing of it at the time, but I wished I had.


I recently purchased a house deep in the woods. Away from civilization, and people. I felt safe away from mankind, I have little if no reason to contact anyone.

I have no phone, no mailbox (I had taken an axe to the post) and all my bored boarded up, other then the cellar doors, just so I could get inside. I hoped people would get the idea.

I loved the woods, why I moved here in the first place. It was comforting, peaceful, and had a nice ambience. I constantly took walks at midnight, sort of my ritual, when few creatures were stirring. I found it very relaxing.

On a specific occasion I wandered off the beaten trail, so see what trinkets and whatnot I could find lying around, but nothing ever of much interest. A broken bottle, scrap metal and the occasional arrowhead.

The further I wandered, the more interesting it seemed to be. I moved a long branch out of the way, stunned, to reveal a tombstone.

A grin appeared on my face for the first time in a long while. I approached and bent down to read what was etched into the marble, barely legible, it read ‘1867-1931 Charles Smith’

I seem to recall the previous owner mention something about him, saying he was the builder of the house. Maybe he was rightfully buried on his land, in the house he built, by request and put out here as to not scare off potential future buyers.

I made it a chore to visit at least once a week to pay respect to the dead. I continued to do so for some time.

A few months had passed and everything had gone smoothly, until a noticeable change in my luck. Thinks started to get broken around the house, and I am the only person that could have access to my house, so I knew it was no burglar, but that didn’t mean much.

One thing that happened that stood out, I had left out a plate from the previous night, too tired to clean up after myself (I wasn’t planning on having company any time soon). The next morning it was shattered into hundreds of pieces, but in all different places of the house. Some on the couch, some in the sink, some even in the bathroom shower. I am not a man to scare easily, but this was indeed strange.

I could only hope it was a strange sprit playing jokes on me, and I had every right to believe it was Charles, maybe he thought we were friends of sorts, which I didn’t mind. Although he cant seem to take a joke himself, as I found out later.

I gathered each piece I could find, placed it into a bag and walked out to the grave, in the night of course. I stuck each into the ground all around the grave, and then stepped on each piece, firmly placing it into the ground.

After that, each day for about 2 months I woke up with a new slice in my body, each in different places with the piece still inside or lying on the floor next to the bed. I decided to check out the grave, and each day one was missing and had been used to cut me. I finally caught on, and removed every piece from the gravesite, and apologized. I stopped visiting the grave, as I felt he had wronged me on a simple joke.

He also didn’t seem to appreciate this, as every time I woke up I still had a cut that was not there the night before. I was fed up! I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked out in broad daylight with a shovel, and dug up the coffin, burned it and grinned at the flames.

Every now and then I find a stray deep cut that wasn’t there when I had gone to sleep, obviously for revenge of whatever spirit was left. He has yet to cause me any serious harm, and I am not sure he intends to.

If I ever decide to sell the house, I will be sure not to inform the purchaser of this little mishap, as I’m sure this wont appease the purchaser as much as it has me.

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beats me. noone seemed to give a fuck so i didnt make a poll :P ;) im lazy ya know


just wait and see what people post, first person to get 5 votes wins the mediorcre package of prizes. i was gonna get some danzig/verotic comics to send the winner too but they (the comic shop) only had satanika at the time, so i ran to the bank to get a few bucks went back and it was gone... i was wanting to send Sunglasses After Dark, awesome vamipre comic. Alas my luck sucks ass. You can go to the verotik page and look at the images though, that my gift.. a hyperlink!



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