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The "haunted halloween tales" contest


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I vote for postamessage2. It's a shame that more people didn't submit stories. I was looking forward to redaing them. I was thinking of entering, but I didn't have a need for the prize.


It turns out that my new house is haunted. There have been a few inexplicable events that have taken place since we've moved in, like our unactivated alarm arming itself and going off, my belt which I couldn't find, turning up on my dresser where I had looked earlier, and some really scary events I will withhold until next Halloween :D

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It all started out simply enough. I was spending another exciting evening playing a few games of Space Invaders on the 'ol Atari 2600.


Many many evenings had been spent doing this very same thing since I first obtained this unit for Christmas some 20+ years ago.


Well around 9:30 PM I began another game. I had been playing for 2 hours and my fingers were getting a little sore, but I was having a pretty good start. I had cleared the first 10 screens without losing a man and knew I was getting on a role when it happened.....


A strange buzzing sound began eminating from the speaker on my TV. This buzz was unlike that I had ever heard of before. I was totally surprised by this sound....being an expert at Space Invaders, I knew it wasn't any sound from the game. That was the other thing...my game had froze....


I reset the console by flipping the switch to the switch to the off position and then turn it back to the on position.


A ghostly image then appeared on the screen with a screeching sound which made the hairs on my arms stand straight up on end. I stared at the image for awhile and then noticed it was not really an image, but a word:




Beware? What the heck? I turned off console, removed the cart, replaced the cart and again turned on the power. The word was still there!!


I turned off the unit again and (don't ask me why) went upstairs to my office where I kept my tools. I rummaged through an old rusty toolbox given to me by my grandfather when I was 10 and found the screwdriver I needed. I presume I did all this thinking that I could figure out why this was happening. Perhaps I thought it was some cruel joke performed by another memeber of my family?


At that point, I saw the shadow on the floor which, based on where the lamp was in the room, was obviously behind me.


I spun around quickly, but nothing was there.


"Ok, I'm losing my mind." I thouht.


I walked back downstairs and as I passed the window at the landing, my jaw dropped to the floor. Sitting outside on my front lawn was a very large green object. This object was moving back and forth and it appeared as though something were coming from the top of it. And there was something else. Something was very strangely familiar about the sounds I was hearing...coming from outside.


I decided to check it out. I proceeded to open the door and walk outside. As I did so, I had the feeling that some kind of force was drawing me....pulling me....but where?


At that point, I must have dozed...or just spaced out in general. Why? While the sounds (those familiar sounds...where had I heard them before?) were still very clear, I didn't see the large green item. Come to think of it, I didn't see any of my familiar surroundings.


I closed my eyes tightly and shook my head....kind of like what you see when a boxer has been hit directly in the head and he is trying to clear the cobwebs. When my eyes opened, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was inside what appeared to be a small vehicle-type object. In front of me was a control panel with a joystick in the middle and a button to the right. Also, on the panel, was a light.....a red light and it was flashing. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it wasn't just a light, but a lit control panel icon....The icon read UNDER ATTACK! .


Now you think inside something like this, it would be extremely dark. But it wasn't. It was lit as much as your living room is lit in the evenings....very strange...very strange indeed. And that's when I looked up to see what I couldn't believe I was seeing. Rows and rows of aliens!! These aliens resembled those I had seen many times before while playing Space Invaders on the Atari. I don't know what made me do it, but I reached over and grabbed the joystick. While still looking above me, I noticed one alien was just to the left from being directly above me. I moved the stick to the left and then, with my other hand, pressed the little red button next to it.


I heard a tremendous explosion "KABLAM!" followed by a bright flash of light. And the alien was gone! More aliens began to desend towards me and I instinctively picked them off one-by-one.


I had shot down around 20 to 30 of these aliens when all of a sudden, I heard a ringing sound coming from inside my vehicle. I quickly glanced around and saw phone. I reached out to pick it up just as I was finishing off another alien.....


when I jumped up and realized my telephone was ringing. A small sliver of drool was coming from the corner of my mouth. It was during this time, that I realized I had fallen asleep while playing and this hole thing had been a dream!


I pulled myself together and answered the phone...


"Hello?" I asked.

"Did you get my message?" said a voice I knew but couldn't quite place.

"Who is this?" I asked.

"Grandpa." said the voice.


What? I didn't have any grandpa who was still alive!

"Who are you! My grandfather is dead." I exclaimed.

"You have to believe me said the voice....the survival of the human race depends on it."


I decided to play along....

"Yes, I got your message. I also found the spaceship and have killed 20-30 of the aliens already."

"Good said the voice. But you must continue. Do not let any of them get way."

"Okay, I said. But I'm not killing any of them right now....how am..."

The voice interuppted me..."No time for answers right now son...just trust me that I have a little bit of power which is quickly dwidling and I won't be ble to do this again. You must continue to kill the aliens for as long as they continue to attack."

Okay, this guy was good....I could feel the hair standing up on the back of my neck. Still, I decided to play along.

"Okay," I said, "I'll kill them all!".

"Good" said the voice and he hung up.


I replaced my phone back on its hook and decided to have one more game. I reached down and hit the reset button on the ol' 2600. I positioned my cannon and pressed the red fire button....


And looked up to see I destroyed another alien. I was back inside this vehicle. This was REAL!


As I knocked off one alien after another I realized I would never be able to quit...that is...for as long as I was alive. The battle went on and on. Just as I would clear out a row of aliens, another row would appear.


Something I hadn't realized before that I realized after about an hour of this was that the aliens weren't just flying in towards me. The were actually firing! I lost control as I was thinking about this and nearly got hit by an alien coming in at a 45 degree angle. I quickly jerked the joystick to the right and managed to make him miss.


"Haha!" I yelled. "You will die now scum!"


I moved the joystick in his direction when suddenly my cabin was filled with a very bright white light. The loud explosions I had heard while killing the aliens were nothing compared to what I heard now. A beeping sound began eminating from the control panel and I saw a message scroll by:




I heard a crackle, a pop...and then I began to smell smoke. I could feel the temperature beginning to rise and new I had to get out. I franticly looked for a door, but couldn't find anything. Well, almost nothing. I was finding panic. I pushed every button I could find, yet nothing seemed to lead to what could possibly be a way out. The fire was now getting closer and I could feel my shoes beginning to melt and possibly my toes as well. I let out a terrific scream.....




As I sat up in bed "hhhhh" to hear my alarm clock ringing and see my dog happily wagging his tail while licking my feet.


Phew! It was all just one long nighmare. Too much Halloween candy the night before I presume. :) I walked downstairs to let the dog out, get the paper and grab a cup of coffee. As I closed the door after getting the paper, I glanced at the TV and saw something I didn't want to see.




Everything went black.

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