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Building Harmony Programming Tool under Qt5


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Hey all,


I'm jumping in to Atari 2600 dev and just ordered a Harmony cart to use for testing. I'm running Manjaro Linux, which is not Debian based, so using the .deb build was out. OK, it was not really out, there are ways but they can occasionally result in dependency hell. I downloaded the source, but it was written for Qt4, and my system is Qt5-based, so it wouldn't build out of the box. However, the changes needed to build the tool using Qt5 are pretty minimal and I got it working in about 5 minutes, so I thought I'd drop the changes necessary here for anyone else who might want to build the tool themselves under Qt5. The source I used was the latest in the harmonycart-1.3-src.tar.gz tarball, linked in the pinned post in this forum.


  • Unpack the tarball
  • Edit configure to change qmake-qt4 to qmake-qt5, then run ./configure which creates the harmonycart.pro file
  • Edit harmonycart.pro to add the line
    QT += widgets

    to the top of the variable declarations section (I added it as the first line above TARGET, but it probably doesn't matter much)

  • In AboutDialog.hxx, remove QtGui/ from the include, leaving just QDialog (they moved QDialog into widgets in Qt5)

  • In HarmonyCartWindow.cxx on line 793, replace toAscii() with toLatin1() (toAscii() was deprecated in Qt5 - allegedly it was not going to be removed until Qt6, but it's not in my Qt5. toLatin1() does the same thing toAscii() did)


Once you've made those changes, you can run make and it should Just Work(tm). The app builds and launches fine for me, but my Harmony cart doesn't arrive until next week, so I can't say for sure there's no wonkiness. But none of these changes touch core functionality, just display code, so my guess is that it'll work just fine.


Hope this is useful to someone!



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