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Tomac - The Destroyer (Pitfall Hack)


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Nukey Shay was once asked by a forum member if that Hack was its final version, in response Nukey said it was the current version, that a hack never actually has its final version, because it can always be improved, in aspects graphics, sound or its possible expansion of what was originally programmed.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why I make several releases of the same Hack, because I believe that there can always be something in the original programming that can be improved to what the Hack game is intended for.



The 1.0 files have the different sound of the original Pitfall. On the other hand, .a26 files and renamed with the 00 extension mean that the game has infinite lives. Have a good time.


Captura de tela em 2024-01-22 20-36-18.png

Captura de tela em 2024-01-22 22-16-36.png

Tomac - The Destroyer.bin Tomac 1.0 - The Destroyer.bin Tomac 00 - The Destroyer.a26 Tomac 1.0 00 - The Destroyer.a26

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