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TI-99 NANO PEB - convert bin to dsk - is it possible?

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I apologize if this topic has already been discussed, but I couldn't find anything.

I have a TI99/4A with NanoPEB, I would like to know if there is a way to convert the cartridge bin files into files usable in DSK via TID99dir.

I've noticed that recent games like Pinball 99, Ghostbusters, etc. they are only in bin format and I would like to have the possibility of being able to load these games via NANO PEB....

Thanks everyone for the replies.



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6 hours ago, gekido_ken said:

Is there a possible with an disassembling application?

That's an "it depends" answer. For a smaller cartridge, it "may" be possible to find all of the code controlling bank switches and/or referring to specific memory addresses and modify them to operate out of a different memory space. A method of this type was used to convert the DataBioTics CRU-based cartridges to standard bank switching techniques (but that didn't eliminate the need for a cartridge, it just eliminated an incompatible bank-switching technique so that the files could be used on modern cartridge boards).


It is also possible to use a wrapper around the code that executes it in the 32K space (this works well with some (not all) GROM cartridges). The real problems come when you get one of the larger programs that won't fit into the 32K space and which may be dependent on the timing of context changes coming directly from loads out of ROM (think screens and tightly coded routines). In truth, for many programs where the original source isn't available, it would almost be easier to write a new version of the program from scratch.


Modified versions of some of the new programs exist that load from disk--but not for the 99/4A. The modifications were made to be able to load and run the programs on the Geneve9640, which has a native memory space large enough to contain the entire program. Those modifications depended on availability of the original source code, and a very dedicated programmer.

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More obviously:


Suppose a recent cartridge stored up to 32K of code in ROM. And it also uses the 32K RAM expansion at runtime. 


It's not possible  to run except from the cartridge.

Some 6K or 8K cartridges were "cracked" to run from 32K RAM, long ago.  


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