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Tarzan 2600 version found ?


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Post a link for the community please.


This could be big news. I have a box and a manual, all I need is a ROM to make it complete. Rumor has it that it required a chip developed exclusively for this game and it became too expensive to produce as the market was crashing.


The question is, can it be dumped as is or does the unique chip require new code in dumping software to recognize whatever bankswitching scheme it may or may not use?


Sounds like a fun challenge for the community if we can just get our hands on it…


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I saw this on facebook, very cool it got posted here...I did not know they made tarzan for the 2600...since the rom has a socket looks like a prototype/or final version before pressing.. unless it is unfinished...need to play it.I have only seen this on ColecoVision

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FYI, in case you did not see, the owner has posted here:



It is a 16KB game looking at the EPROM.  I guess this would mean a new mask ROM for Coleco, or a discrete solution.  I don't recall any 16KB Coleco games.  Can't find a picture now, but I think even Zaxxon (8KB?) used discrete logic for the bankswitching in production.

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Excellent news. And coincidentally just weeks after a 2600 label was found on a ColecoVision cartridge.




The label on his cart is different. The orange title logo letters are more yellow (could be attributed to sun fading) however the Atari 2600 text is yellow rather than white and the copyright text lines are totally different with 5 lines of text versus 7.


And yes, Zaxxon was 8kb as were all of Coleco’s final releases, including the unreleased titles (Looping, Turbo, Cabbage Patch Adventure)

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Here are some facts and details that seem to have gotten lost or overlooked in the shuffle of the story having been covered on outside social media sites and spread across multiple threads.


1) This is not the first and only 2600 Tarzan proto to be found. Yes, the first with a dressed label (show sample) to be found, but not the first working rom.


2) Frank Cifaldi from the video game history foundation clearly stated that the rom file from another 2600 Tarzan proto has already been dumped and safeguarded. AND, the rom checksum seen on this latest proto cartridge matches the dumped rom.


3) The eBay auction had the cartridge at $10,000 or best offer. But it did NOT sell for 10K. It most likely fetched about half that, like $5K or less.


(I was one of the members here who was making the seller offers before the eBay listing went up. I dropped out at $4,200 and purposely chose not to continue pursuing it once I got wind of the rom file having already been preserved) (it made no sense)

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On 2/3/2024 at 1:43 PM, vintagegamecrazy said:

Un-dumped I'm guessing as well. Hopefully the buyer will come through and get it preserved. Too many games were found and lost again.


Lots of things are safety preserved in private collections. 


I know that I have many things that will be made publicly available upon my death. :ponder: 

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I am shocked how little traction this thread has! I am super excited about this find. I truly hope the rom is released one day but I would even be happy with a complete video run through of the game. The snippets on Facebook don’t show the swimming, swinging, the releasing of the apes and the final stage. This could have possible been one of Colecos best 2600 release!

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