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Another AT2XT project


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I ordered some PCB's and just built one of these adapters from PCBway https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Another_AT2XT_52ff2d04.html . It seems to work great, no problem as the PS2 adapter it was designed to be.

But I do have a question for those in the know. I have a passive usb to ps2 adapter used back in the day to adapt usb signals to ps2, I think for a keyboard as the adapter is green in color.

When I plug it into this ps2 adapter I built, or into a store bought one I got from Bulgaria a couple of weeks ago, I can use an Onn usb number pad with them and they work great.

But, when I try to use an usb keyboard with the adapter nothing happens, I can't get the caps lock, number lock, or any keys to work, even the number pad on the keyboard does not work.

Does a full size usb keyboard need an active adapter?

I can use the PS22XT adapter with PS2 keyboards, again with no problems on a Geneve.

And it's not a real issue as I'm using USB2XT adapters, 1 from Shift838 and two others I built from Jedimatts design with Fred Kaals programming inside.

I'm really going to use the PS2 adapters with my Rave Keyboard adapters. Buit I still have that question I just raised.

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3 hours ago, JasonACT said:

I think the device needs to support the PS2 protocol as a fallback, which quite a few really old devices did, but I don't think anything modern would anymore.

I was coming here to say this.  It was an interim step, and I am sure most vendors have dropped the PS2 fallback code in their code by now.

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