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My Tempest / Typhoon arcade machine!

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I got an original Tempest cabinet a few years ago with a bad monitor, so I decided to put in Typhoon 2001 in it! A computer update of the Jaguar Tempest 2000 classic!


I first put in a 24" LCD monitor, it just fit! Mounted horizontally and at the same angle as the original. Put in a computer with Windows XP 2015 Edition and installed the game.


Got an interface unit that lets me use the original spinner!!!  Right now only 2 buttons on the panel are used for firing and jump. The super-zapper is connected to the top cone button.


Can't play the bonus round unless I grab the mouse and play it. Thinking about adding a small Trak-Ball on the right to do it but not sure yet.


Took out the old 6x9 speaker on top and installed 2 - 3-way tri-axial speakers for stereo and better sound! I access the keyboard and mouse through the coin door.


Plays great but need to do more things: add a third button to the panel between the fire and super-zapper and make it the jump button. Also put in a couple lights behind the marquee, blue on the left and red on the right.


The short video has been scanned for any viruses and is clean!

Tempest Typhoon 1.jpg

Tempest Typhoon 4.jpg

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As someone who has owned three Tempest cabinets over the last 20 years (and I still have one of them!), and someone who also really enjoys Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar (from the first day it came out!), this is a damn cool project.  :)  And it's very cool that it uses the original spinner! 


Might be worth posting this in the Jaguar forum, as I'm sure you'll get more responses there. 



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