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Harmony encore menu practically illegible on LCD TV


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Hi all,


I have the following issues:


1. viewing the menu on an LCD TV. I have the latest cartridge. 
I can barely make out the fonts


2. the cartridge goes berserk when I have the genesis arcade controller plugged in, it loops loading all the menus items. But no issues with an Atari joystick in terms weirdness 


3. SD card receptor doesn’t click in. It seats correctly but doesn’t have the SD card push click as stated on the manual

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  1. The menu looking odd is the result of the post processing of the TV. It doubles each even lines and ignores every odd line (or vice versa). Maybe you can get rid of this in the TV settings. 
  2. IIRC you have to press fire when starting the console to get the Genesis working.
  3. IIRC the push slot got replaced with a normal one, because too many people broke the slot by pulling the card.
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2 hours ago, vcs2600 said:

I tried my best to adjust but hard to read some other titles. 




Harmony - Firmware v1.06

(c) 2011 AtariAge

Fred Quimby

Chris Walton

Stephen Anthony


Seems pretty readable to me...  ?

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11 feet away from my 55” TV  is not as ideal for reading

as for Stellar Track, I can read it much better


both pics below are 11 feet away with no zooming from my camera. In My original post I was 3 feet away from tv. 




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Even though I don’t use it regularly running either my TRRS-modded 2600 or even my custom 7800 through my RetroTink 2x Mini does double the scanlines to produce a more legible display, the issue I have with her is that my Insignia HDTV (or my Sony STR-DH590 home theater receiver) resets itself when dialing in a game or starting one, or also there are issues involving OG Asteroids, Warlords and Battlezone so just simply use an Insignia composite to HDMI converter to avoid those “reloading” issues with my system.

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