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Atari 1400XL...It's Time

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I've been sitting on this since 1999. I've come to the realization that if I don't find it a better home it's going to rot in my attic for 3 or 4 decades until I die and my kids toss it. Before I go to eBay I'm hoping someone here will make me a reasonable offer on it. Note that this has not been stored in an attic, but a finished basement at a friend's house because I didn't want to ship it when I moved. It's still there.


This probably hasn't been turned on in a decade. Worked fine then, although the keyboard was a little wonky...it's a regular 1200XL keyboard, you could replace it or just clean the contacts. Known issue with these keyboards. I leant the Answering Machine carts in the pictures to Curt Vendel to dump, so these are probably the source for at least some of the images floating around. This does NOT have the 1400XL label on the front, I didn't get one with it.


Giant external power supply is switching, meaning it has to have a load or it won't turn on. Basically plug everything in with the switches off, turn on the computer first, then turn on the power supply.


No TV available so I cannot test...sold as is. I would strongly recommend recapping before you power it up.


If you don't want to trust this to a shipper we can arrange for a pickup in Central Maryland...basically somewhere between Baltimore and Washington along the I95 corridor.


I've been on AtariAge for a super long time, the old timers would know me, even though I haven't been active in a long while. That said if you've bee around for awhile you might have an idea of what I'm going to put up for sale next. But not the Alpine board that's already spoken for.












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