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If anyone can be as kind to give me individual prices. 
I’ll list them in the sales section.


iirc I paid dear for Frogger and donkey Kong jr. Everything else was around £20 a game, but if they’re worth less. So be it.


further down the road I’ll buy a ntsc system but for now. These are going to be sold.

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They look to be in fairly good shape, as far as scarcity, they are all very common games.  I cant speak to the market in the UK, it may differ from that in N America where I am so I suggest you get on Ebay UK, search for each game, select to see SOLD prices not just asking prices (because anyone can ask anything and they do!) then reduce that by about 10-15% if you sell off Ebay to reflect the fees you are not paying and there is your valuations.

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