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Correct way to detect 80-column output is being used?

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What's the correct way to detect 80-column output is in use?  The goal is to correctly word-wrap output.

The simplest mechanism I can think of is to check if there is a mismatch between the vectors at $346 and $e406 and assume that it's because of an XEP80' like device.


Related, I read somewhere about a 64-column mode, but I can't find any specific details on this, if it's hardware related or something else.


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27 minutes ago, drac030 said:

Check the value of RMARGN, PEEK(83). 40 columns, RMARGN = 39. 64 columns, RMARGN = 63. 80 columns, RMARGN = 79.


Oh, of course.  That works.  I didn't even think to look there, for some reason I assumed the XEP80 driver didn't use this.


What hardware supports 64-columns?


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