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PHP2700 Program Recorder maintenance/belts/rollers


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Found a few useful posts about this, including this one with a service manual that @arcadeshopper very helpfully scanned in, but I'm wondering — for those of you still using the ol' CS1 in 2024, what, if anything, have you done to maintain it? And how often?


Belts, rollers, lubrication, pot cleaning, etc. are pretty standard practice for keeping my other tape-based electronics (VHS, digital data, and so on) running for decades. The service manual linked above shows the main belt as EA1X801, which another cross-reference here tells me is FRX9.7 (which seems to be available new on eBay, among other places). No cross-reference for the counter belt (EA1X802), sadly. No idea where to start on the pinch roller (EA5X426 gets no hits anywhere).


Also, can y'all confirm for me that all variants of the PHP2700 are indeed the same GE 3-5158B (from those schematics above) under the hood? I've got several PHP2700s, including at least three different cosmetic variants, but they do look pretty similar overall even without having cracked the case.


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