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Ultrasonic Cleaning for Apple II keyboard switches ???


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I have an early AII with a rev 0 keyboard. most of the keyboard switches are not working. A few on each row work so it is not the chips on the PCB. I tested them all with an Ohm meter, and marked which are not working. I have tried DeOxit D5 on one, pressed 50 times, no change. Electronics contact cleaner on another, pressed 50 times, no change. Compressed air on a third, and the the two after I already tested them,, pressed 50 times none worked. I submerged in ISO,, pressed 50 times, let dry, no change. I reflowed the solder joints, no change. I took one apart and polished all the copper inside and reassembled. That is NO EASY task. Start to finish took about 3 hours for one switch! Almost lost both tiny springs several times! And it still did not work. (not working I mean by testing with an ohm meter, not powering up the AII)

I saw people using an ultrasonics cleaner for their cherry key switches and it seemed to work great. 

Would that work for these switches?

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions ??


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