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List of old Atari BBS systems


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Was advised to post this here as it would be of interest. Found this on an old Forem disk I got in a collection. It's a list of Atari BBS's across many states. File is "phone.dat" - attached here. Copy to E: from DOS or you can probably open with Word but formatting will be off.






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Thanks so much. Very cool. Looks like it was a test BBs. There is only 1 password in the pass file and most of the txt files are just stock with a few changes. 

I have a feeling the BBs list may have been captured from another BBs possibly. 

thank you so much. Great to have a little peek into history. 

ps I didn’t look too closely into it but I am thinking it might be a FoReM 26m or xl. I did try to load it up in a stock FoReM xe setup I have but it didn’t load.  Being the phone list is from 84 it is at best FoReM xl. I don’t think xe was released until 85. But I could be all wet on this. 

I don’t have a 26m test system and don’t have any copy of FoReM xl. (Still looking for that one). 

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