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"Baud Day 2024!" Atari BBS Interview & Chat / SouthernAmis & The Basement


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I don't typically post my own video content on Atari Age, but I thought this would be fun for those of you into BBS's! This is a video posting tomorrow talking all about "Baud Day" which is coming up on Mar 12, 2024. We would appreciate people participating in Baud Day and/or stopping by to check out the video if you're interested in Atari BBS's. See below:


On this special edition of Atari Newsline, I discuss Baud Day 2024 with Sysops from 2 still-running Atari BBS's, John w/ TheBasement BBS & Rob w/ SouthernAmis BBS! Plus; ballyalley joins me on the interview! Want to connect to an Atari BBS for free? Join on March 12, 2024 to celebrate Baud Day! I show you how. 



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