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TIImageTool 3

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I downloaded MDOS745 Source.


I then, unzipped it on the PC.


I used TI IMAGE Tool 3 to upload the directory JJB, to IDE partition 1.


This Directory:


They look fine in TIT:






But, when you look at them in MDOS:



And bin doesn't show any files:


Oddly, if you open TIT3 and walk down to bin, and you pick say WIPE, and load that single file onto the hard drive root, it works just fine.

Directions to reproduce:
Download MDOS745 Source, unzip on PC harddrive, open MAME HD Image, import JJB. Boot MDOS and look at JJB directories and files.

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OK, thanks for the report. Importing folders is currently broken. You can create the folders one by one and then copy their files into them; this should work. This is independent on the type of MFM, SCSI, IDE, or even DSK.


I'll check.

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Try this release 3.0.4.



- Importing directories from the PC file system

- Canceling the import of a file (does not set the dirty flag anymore)



- Plain text files can be imported directly without the Import Dialog (must be activated in Preferences)


However, plain text files that have lines longer than 80 characters will cause trouble when importing as DIS/VAR 80. I did not yet implement an auto-line splitter. You can import them as PROGRAM.




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Well, the left-out features were not that hard to close, so here is just another release, 3.0.5.


- Files with lines longer than 80 chars can be imported as DIS/VAR 80, and the lines will be split to fit the record length

- Files can be imported as DIS/FIX 128 without conversions; this includes binary files like pictures (thinking of our GIF experiments some weeks ago).


One thing to mention for the auto-text import: Right now, only characters with codes 32-126 and 10 and 13 are allowed. When other characters appear (like TAB), the import will require you to acknowledge the import in the ImportDialog. I decided to go for this simple way, and when we hit other examples, I will just add the additional codes.


The auto splitter will cut through words that extend beyond the target line length. If this is a problem, I can think about splitting at word endings for a future release.


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There is yet another bug that I just fixed, but I'd like to wait some days before issuing the next release. Maybe there are more.


Bug: Copying empty files creates a broken sector allocation in the copy

Fix: in TIImageTool 3.0.6

Workaround: Do not copy empty files; exclude them when copying sets of files.

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