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FS: Smurfs Rescue, Sears Pic Label Pong Sports CIB & Other Loose carts (2600,7800, SEGA)

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Smurfs $30

Pong Sports Sears Picture Label $25

(Pong has a beat up gatefold box. I wanted the box art to match the cart art, not originally sold with this box)





Double Dragon 7800 $50

Pacman 7800 (signed by programmer back in 2005) ( works perfect but has water damage at top of label :( ) $50

Smurfs TRON 2600 $50

Gunfight 2600 $25 (discontinued AtariAge version, comes with manual)

2600 UNO SD Multicart & Manual $25


Lot of 4 Sega Genesis NTSC English Reproduction Carts $40 gets you all 4 carts.
Mega Man Wily Wars (4th game auto unlocked, megaman has slide move added)
King Colossus (English Translation, Save Battery works well)
Daze Before Christmas (NTSC English Version, small blemish on middle top of label)
Smurfs II Travel The World (NTSC Version)
All made using original SEGA brand PCB's and brand new EPROMS. Die Cut labels.








2600 PONG SPORTS SEARS (1).jpg

2600 PONG SPORTS SEARS (2).jpg

2600 PONG SPORTS SEARS (3).jpg

2600 PONG SPORTS SEARS (4).jpg

2600 smurfs cib (1).jpg

2600 smurfs cib (2).jpg

2600 smurfs cib (3).jpg




Double Dragon 7800.jpg

smurf tron.png


2600 GUNFIGHT.jpg

2600 uno 2.jpg

2600 uno.jpg

pacman 7800.jpg

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2 hours ago, ColecoGamer said:

Oh, I have a quick question: is the 2600 UNO SD Multicart better than the standard SD cart I own? I believe it’s the Atarimax? 



This is the one from the Brewing Academy. I Don't know the difference myself I've not had one from Atarimax for the 2600. I only had there 5200 multi in the past.

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