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FS: Little odds and ends for cheap (more added, keep scrolling!)

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Some odds and ends for sale as I try to clean up my mess of a room :)


1. Fastload Reloaded cartridge - Brand new. It is basically a low profile Epyx Fastload cartridge with an integrated reset button - $20 shipped


2. Three 7800 carts - $30 shipped


3. Reset-Schalter (OBEN) - Plugs into the user port on a C64 or a VIC-20 and adds a reset button. Tested and works fine. $10 shipped


4. Retro Gaming Cables RGBS BNC cable - $40 shipped


5. Neo Geo joystick extension cable, new - $20 shipped


6. Super Famicom Super Mario Kart, good label, not yellowed - $30 shipped


7. RetroScaler2X - If you know what the RetroTink 2x is, this is the clone. Works the same. It is new but I did test it to confirm it works (and spoiler, it works GREAT) - $50 shipped


8. Five VIC-20 carts - $35 shipped


9. Sega card catcher and Dragon Wang card game for SG-1000/SG-1000 II/Mark III - Tested the catcher and the game in my SG-1000 II and it works perfectly - $50 shipped


10. Citizen brand Amiga floppy drive - Works fine, came from a third party external Amiga disk drive I gutted for a Gotek installation - $30 shipped


11. Atari 2600 Mr. Run and Jump (sealed new) - $35 shipped
















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More items added:


Pelican System Selector - Just the selector. It has a power plug but does not require power. $25 shipped


Sega Master System Rapid Fire Unit - $25 shipped


Original Xbox controller with breakaway adapter - I tested this controller around 3 years ago and put it in storage. I have no Xbox to test it now but I see no reason why it would not work fine now. I also found two bagged new Xbox to USB cables. I have no idea if or how those work but I am throwing them in as freebies. $30 shipped


Two Shuttle Grafx controllers and PC Engine Turbo Tap. Both tested on my Supergrafx and work like new. Turbo Tap tested and that also works perfectly. These can also be used with the Turbo Duo and Turbografx 16 (with an adapter). $80 shipped takes the lot.


One Sega Mark III controller (also works with Sega Master System, SG-1000, other stuff that takes 9-pin joysticks, etc.) - $40 shipped


TI99/4A low profile joystick adapter - $20 shipped







item photo #1



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