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Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theater podcast/radio show(Atari/VCS related)


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You've probably heard about my show before. It has featured the likes of David Crane(Pitfall) ,Nolan Bushnell(Atari founder),and Bill Ward(Black Sabbath drummer) among others...


Also I am the first DJ in history  to play Atari sounds on FM radio!!! I've actually acquired the VCS recently also and will be using it live on the air. Tune in tonight as I'll be doing a crazy mix of Nintendo Metal,Horror sounds and Atari 2600 noise to crush all the dork online only elitist podcasts. If you're a true Atari and Metal fan,please tune in if you dare!  I'll be on tonight 12AM-2AM PST on this station... https://kxsf.fm/listen/


And if you miss the live broadcasts you can also find my show archive on Spotify and Amazon!  💥🐱


Also airing on KPCR 92.9FM in Santa Cruz,CA and Los Gatos,CA(near Silicon Valley),and this Monday 10PM-12AM PST my good friend and legend Howard Scott Warshaw will be appearing again. This time around he's got a few things to say about the VCS. My friend Ozzy bassist Bob Daisley will be appearing soon again too. He has a thing for vintage computers.







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Tune in tonight. I'll be talking to Pulp Fiction actor Frank Whaley and Nirvana drummer Chad Channing will be mentioning what were his fave Atari games during the Bleach tour!





Also will be streamed live on my Youtube channel tonight. Can't wait. There's also gonna be another game released based on my podcast this year. Some dumb haters who complained about the first game haven't played very many games. As if all the games they play are perfect? Yea right. They missed the whole point.  💥🐱 Also unleashing some new VCS sound FX during the live mix on FM radio and beyond. Don't miss it.

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