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HSC21 Round 4: Diamond Mine (Roklan) *NEW SEASON 2024*

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Diamond Mine (Roklan)


Nibbler meets Crossfire?!!! Probably, ok it's fun if hard to see on PAL CRT systems on some levels! A lot to digest here for a relatively stright forward game, we have an extra couple of days to play :!:


Emulator users may turn on artifacting to enable colour:

altirra: System, Video, NTSC Artifacting Standard




Game supports 1 or 2 players and has 2 player co-operative mode so play that too if you have an Atari cohort, or rope in the wife or pet iguana [insert joke here] :D


We'll take up McKong's suggestions from last time we played:

- Highest score

- Highest level achieved (when starting from 1-5)

- Highest level achieved using the passwords to skip to the later levels




- "After realising it's best to do a *few* diamonds at a time..."

- "Figured out [Control] [A] turns the sound off, [Space] is pause and extra man every 20K"


- "You get a password every 5 screen, if you have lost less than 5 diamonds"

- "I seem to have hit a bug a few times. When I reach the end of the first 5 levels (1-5) the game doesn't move onto the next 5 (6-10) but instead replays the first 5 again. It seems to coincide with a good go where I haven't lost any diamonds in completing the first 5 levels. It's very annoying!"

- "There are 20 different levels and then the game repeats but it's much harder the second time through"






Round Ends Sunday 31st March 10am UK Time




Full details on the game below big thanks to Ballyalley :thumbsup:


Wow, I really like the box artwork for "Diamond Mine!" Check it out:


I couldn't find the documentation for the Atari version of this game, but I did find documentation (in all-caps, ugh) for the Apple II game. These don't appear to be the re-typed docs, or, if they are re-typed, then additional comments from the original game cracker(s) was added to the instructions...

                     Diamond Mine Documentation
                         Black Bag Soft-Doc

                        *-> Diamond Mine <-*

                          From Roklan Corp.

                            Cracked 1984

                  The Intern and the Chief Surgeon
                            > Black Bag <

                        Thanx all Ae systems!

               Requirements: 48-k Apple ][
                             1 APPLE ][ DRIVE
               Equipment:    Joystick


                                * Game Notes *


To complete all levels with highest possible score.

Game Controls:
Ctrl-B = Restart with new options
Ctrl-R = Restart
Ctrl-C = Alter keyboard control
Ctrl-J = Joytick
Ctrl-K = Keyboard
Ctrl-S = Sound Toggle
Ctrl-[ = 'Esc' =  Pause

       - Default Control Keys -

   Player 1               Player 2
   --------               --------
      I                      W
    J   L                  A   D
      K                      S

 (Space)=Fire            (1)=Fire

Playing Modes: 1 Player
               2 Player Cooperative
               2 Player Competitive


The difference between the two two-player modes is that in the Cooperative 
version, the bullets fired by one player will not affect the other.

           * Game Play *

Move your vehicle on the elevator to the desired mine shaft.  Enter the Cave.  
As you move, you dig through the dirt.  You move faster in Pathways that are 
already cleared. You may shoot the monsters, who attempt to hamper your 
progress.  However, they will reappear in a few seconds.  There are eight 
diamonds in each level.  You must take each Diamond, process it and bring it 
out of the mine.  As you take a Diamond, it will follow behind you -- kinda 
like Serpentine.  The Monsters can eat your diamonds only when you are carrying 
them. But you can't take diamonds immediately out of the mine!  You must 
process them first. The processing box looks like this:

               !-------------! Bring Diamonds
               !             !
               !             !  <<<---
               !  <>      #  !  --->>>
               !             !
               !        !----!  Take Diamonds
               !        !
               !(WAITING!   <> = Diamond Storage
               !   AREA)!    # = Number Of Diamonds In
               !        !        Storage Area

                  \ ! /
                   \ /

               Exit & Leave

To take the diamonds out of the mine for the most points, you should queue them 
up; that is, move all eight to the storage area and then move them out. The 
upper-right is an entry/exit area.  Diamonds can be brought in or removed from 
this area.  The bottom is an exit to leave the diamonds in the processing area.

You will find two U-Shaped, heavy bordered squares. These are Teleporters.  
Moving into one will transport you to the other.

If you complete five dungeons with less than five diamonds lost and still are 
alive, the game will give you a password.  Use the password later to skip 
beginning levels.  There are seven levels in all.

> Special Notes <

*>  A key in the latter dungeons is to be processed like a regular Diamond.
*> Monsters are shy when you have a key.
*> There are special transporters that require a key-- they will transport you 
to another area of the shaft.

           * Scoring *

 At level one (score increases later):

Picking up Diamond...............25 pts
Processing Diamond...............25 pts
Killing Monster..................75 pts
Getting Diamond Out.............100 pts

           -- Bonus Points --

Leaving w/4 Diamonds............300 pts
Leaving w/5 Diamonds............500 pts
Leaving w/6 Diamonds............600 pts
Leaving w/7 Diamonds............800 pts
Leaving w/8 Diamonds...........1000 pts
Leaving w/8 Diamonds & Key.....1200 pts

    Extra vehicle at 20,000 points

               Have fun!

              The Intern
           The Chief Surgeon



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5 hours ago, carlsson said:

PAL artifacting was mentioned. Does one get that via RF and an old CRT? I'll experiment or play on my NTSC 800 for artifacts.

No, I think the only way you can get artifacting is on an emulator for PAL.


I'll have to play in Black and White this time round as I haven't got anything I can run an emulator on at the moment

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PAL CTR's do some artifactimg, it's ok on Ultima etc where it is not critical but on High Rise and Diamond Mine there are certain pixel combinations/articafting that do not work very well and make it hard to distinguish between blocks of characters. Some TVs are better than others I think ;)


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I managed to get the first and second passwords, but not the third yet.


My method is to get all the diamonds into the processing plant, usually a couple at a time, then shoot one of the enemies and make a run for the exit with all 8 for maximum points

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New poll tomorrow night :!:


First Tables

  Diamond Mine        
  Player   Score   Points
1st McKong   94,760   12
2nd Atari8guy   28,895   11
3rd therealbountybob   23,400   10
4th AtariSphinx   15,060   9
5th Sikor   13,405   8
6th MichaG   12,490   7
7th graywest   6,229   6
8th RedThunder   1,997   5
9th carlsson   685   4


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10 hours ago, McKong said:

101290 (level 23)


Got the third password. There's no password after the 4th mine shaft (16-20).

I cleared the first 20 caves with 8 lives left but then promptly lost 5 lives on the 1st cave of the 2nd round!

Great score McKong :thumbsup:


Am getting further but taking too many risks and having my precious hoards looted :mad:

30,585 - Shaft 12  - 37 Lost, Ahem !!!

Nice game.



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6 minutes ago, therealbountybob said:

Great score McKong :thumbsup:


Am getting further but taking too many risks and having my precious hoards looted :mad:

30,585 - Shaft 12  - 37 Lost, Ahem !!!

Nice game.



Yes, it's tempting to take risks. It took me lots of failed attempts to improve my score. 


Bonus lives every 20k

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