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ABBUC hardware contest 2024 starts now!

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Hello together!


The ABBUC hardware contest 2024 starts now! Everyone is invited to participate with own, new hardware. For more details read the rules (see link below).


The deadline this year : 31. July 2024


You can find the rules here:


Rules AHC 2024




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I am pleased to present the first submission of the project "Virtual to Reality Hardware Interface" by Pancio!


Some details:



I would like to present my new VRHI device, which is used for programming, reading and cooperation with any Atari XL/XE devices. The main reason why I decided to build it was the need to quickly write to any cartridge, because writing to an Atari takes a very long time... The presented device can do this in a dozen or so seconds (depending on the capacity). Additionally, we can connect any device compatible with Atari to the interface and, if the method of communication is known, we can also control it. We connect VHRI to a PC using a USB cable and, if we need to use a debugger, a serial cable (or another USB). The first tests showed that transmission speeds of 2mbit are possible (reading a 512KB cartridge takes about ~3s), but work is underway to use USB as a faster interface.
My colleague @mono (Jerzy Kut) is involved to the creation of VRHI in its current form and he is the author of most of the communication software as well as the PC library. I designed, built and tested the system at a basic level. Currently, work is underway on the second prototype and speeding up the information exchange process between PC and VRHI.


A few technically details:
- the project was created as a development of the ATARino idea and initially used its PCB (see photo of the prototype),
- the main element of VRHI is a module with a 32-bit RISC-V microcontroller 144MHz with 64KB RAM and 256KB FLASH,
- additional elements include 16Mb of FLASH memory for cartridge data,
- EEPROM memory for configuration data,
- SD card slot (for cartridge images),
- ETHERNET 10Mb connector


Not all features are currently supported, but a few are planned...
There is one more cool thing if I use AtarINO... we can use VRHI as a sniffer, PC-controlled freezer or accelerator directly on Atari 🙂


I will provide more details soon!


Best Regards,







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I would like to inform you that VRHI was pretty finished and ready to use. At this moment can read/write MaxFlash compatible cartridges e.g. (GalCART, JCART, DCART) but other which can be writable directly from Atari will be added to the list. The goal is to have The Cart! on the list 🙂


I made a short movie about VRHI:


Many thanks to Mono - which wrote very fast software and excellent firmware!

Best Regards,




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