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ABBUC Software Competition 2024 opened

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Hello everyone,


The ABBUC is once again organizing a software competition this year, programs can be submitted until 31. July 2024. You can find all the rules here:




Anyone can participate with one or more programs that comply with the rules.
I am looking forward to your submissions!


Greetings, Holger

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Ok, then I'll start :)...


1K RainBox is a one-of-a-kind puzzle game:

It is probably one of the most colorful ones with tiles consisting of more than 100 colors of the ATARI rainbow (including 13 different colors horizontally), and it is most likely the smallest of its kind: Its size is less than 1000 bytes - bytes, not kilobytes or megabytes...



The goal of the game is simple, yet addictive: After choosing one of the nine levels using the SELECT key, the game starts after pressing the START key or fire button. The ATARI then begins to mix up the nicely sorted ATARI rainbow. Once it is done with its task, the player’s task is to bring the rainbow back to its original order, making as few moves as possible. To do so, you can move one of the adjacent boxes into the empty spot. Step by step, you can restore the rainbow’s order, and the fewer steps it takes you compared to the moves it took the ATARI to mix it up, the higher your score will be.




For the playfield, there are four different tile-sets available which you can change at any time using the OPTION key.



And now have fun cleaning up the ATARI rainbow!

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22 hours ago, Philsan said:

It seems very nice!

I would change name because there's a 2012 homebrew named Line Runner, free to download.

60 cartridges were made by GR8 Software with Android/iPhone original game programmers permission.

Thanks for pointing that out.  Will add a year qualifier to the name :)

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Current status



Infinity/ Game/ Dr.Irata

In review status

Line Runner-24/Game/Peter Hinz


In competition

1K RainBox / Game/ Frederik Holst




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Please remember: The last day to send your entry/entries is the 31. of July 2024. If you have allready contacted me or sent me your entry and I didn't react, then please write me a PM here on AA.


If you plan to participate you can also send me an PM and I will mention it on the list. Also you can get a link to an upload space. Sending me an information will give me an overview whats upcoming and will reduce stress on the last days.

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