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SOLD: Toshiba Satellite 330CDT Pentium Laptop

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Up for sale is a very nice Toshiba Satellite 330CDT laptop. This item has the following specifications:


The Toshiba CDT is a great Pentium era gaming laptop. It has a fast MMX Pentium CPU and a real Yamaha OPL3 sound chip for AdLib (and SoundBlaster) compatible audio in both DOS and Windows. It has a CD-ROM and floppy drive built-in, and a single USB port.


This unit has been stripped and thoroughly cleaned. All batteries have been removed and disposed of. The CMOS does not keep time because of this, and the laptop now requires the include power adapter to run. There is no battery damage and LCD display has no dead/stuck pixels; everything works great! 


This item comes with the original PSU, a replacement 3rd party PSU, replacement floppy drive and CD-ROM (kept as spares just in case), and copy of the Toshiba Windows 98 recovery CD. The 330CDT's compact flash has been formatted and the Windows 98 recovery CD installed.


Asking $120 + shipping.







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I'm curious, given the mods to it, if someone wanted to get a modern battery off ebay (etc) that works for it to make the thing portable again is that possible?  Also I saw on there too you could get a modern rechargeable CMOS battery for it, is that possible to add still as well?


I'm pretty interested, I have kept a number of my old DOS/Win98 era floppies/CD type games about and this might be too fast for them, I'd have to check, but it not this could be a really good solution.  Pretty sure I have an adapter and just an old controller or two that should still work with it for old game play.  If it could handle an old one, I'd hope a USB hub would have some chance, nub mice stink but a normal mouse would be nice.

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The CMOS battery can be easily sourced. I decided to not put a new one in because it is buried deep and you have to carefully disassemble the entire thing to change it again. So instead I removed it while I had the laptop apart (and it had started to leak) and did not replace it.


As for the NiCad battery that makes it truly a laptop, I don't know if anyone makes a replacement unit. I've had a few of these and the NiCads are always dead. 


As for the speed, you might be able to use CpuSpd (https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=74359) to slow down the Pentium for timing-sensitive games.

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Ahh I'd have to look at a disassembly on the CMOS side then when I get some time (next 3 days I'm on a 15hr work day) to see if I'd dare bother.  CPUspeed sound like moslo I used up through owning a P200mmx in the era to keep a few testy dos gems (like wing commander) working happily.

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