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WTT: Atari XEGS CIB or Atari Megafile44 (for) Stub Dev Jaguar or Jag CD Dev Unit

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In the off chance that anyone is sitting on an unused dev Jaguar console with stub cable in good working condition.

I'd like to pair it up with a recently acquired Alpine board to dig into the dev side of things a little deeper.


With that, I have a complete in box Atari XEGS (was a NOS sealed unit) that I would consider trading for one.

I maxed out my 130XE and really have no need for additional unused units but this would certainly be ideal for a collector.


Alternatively I also have an Atari Megafile44 with some disk cartridges up for consideration since I don't use it.


Please feel free to drop me a PM with pictures of the Dev Jag unit and I'll respond with the same.



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