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Are you hyped for the new Fatal Fury game ?

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While I'm excited for the new  Fatal Fury  (City of the Wolves) game I'm not sure where they can take the story after Garou, overall the KOF universe is better than Fatal Fury's imo, Geese and Krauser are still alive in KOF, Rugal and Goenitz exist and have even made a comeback in KOF XV, Rock Howard isn't the only protagonist of the younger generation ( there's also Kyo, Iori, K', Ash and  Shun'ei  ).

In order to successfully bring back Fatal Fury they really need to focus on  having a good story, create a good villain that rivals Geese's epicness, create more charismatic characters in general, the roster for Fatal Fury games has always been smaller and weaker than KOF's, they need to fix that for this game to have any chance in today's fighting game market.

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Honestly I don't get worked up over fighting games anymore, a thing overly blown out to the point of apathy for me where when the itch is there I've got enough to satisfy it on my old systems and neo geo arcade cabinet too.  That said, I don't honestly consider it largely Fatal Fury, I mean I know it is...but the game is a sequel to the fatal fury spinoff Garou Mark of the Wolves, and I do own a legit cart of that one and enjoy its style over previous FF franchise titles largely (I do miss Mai, she's fun, and I don't mean only as eye candy, along with a couple others seen in RB FF Special.)  I'm interested, going to keep an eye on it and I might bite.  I might not, cared more for samurai shodown but after they decided to pull what they did with the character charges etc I never grabbed it.

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