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Apple II (or Iie?) called "Polisher"?

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Someone asked me to see if I could get this vintage computer working again, it looks like an Apple II (or IIe not sure) clone labelled "Polisher"  he said in a joke ", perhaps it is a Polish-made system" I told him I would find out if possible where that label came from
Has anyone seen this before? googling "Apple II polisher" only brings up those cleaning kits, nothing more. 
here are a few photos:



From the cards, I can tell it has 16kb Language card, grappler printer card, Z80  card, 80 column video card, and disk II card





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I think this is a A2 or A2+ clone.  There are 3 banks of 16k ram, a slot 0 and not an aux slot.  The maker was using fewer larger ROMs for cost reasons.  The board was laid out where smaller ROMs could have used.


I think you will be better off if the disk interface is moved to slot 6.

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On 3/23/2024 at 12:26 AM, Iamgroot said:

This is a IIe as the motherboard only has 3 ROM chips in a II+ case and keyboard with a badge change.


Is there a serial # on the bottom?




This is a II+.  Looks like a nice motherboard - 100% clone.

Most clones used a full compliment of six 2716 EPROMS, but many were able to use just three 2732 EPROMS via a motherboard-selectable method of cutting some "double triangle" pads and bridging some "semicircle" pads.

It's pretty interesting, and a cool (and increasingly rare) look back at the alternative side of personal computing.


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