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Colecovision newbie. I have some questions.

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42 years in the buying! I  remember begging my mother for this system when I was a kid. Seeing the retro gaming scene in Oregon has gotten me re-collecting Atari games and now I want to start a Colecovision collection. I bought one with a dozen games and it works great! I do have some questions however...


While it looks pretty good on my old flatscreen, is there any HD options outside of an F coaxial adapter?


While the controls are definitely better than some others out there, like Intellivision and 5200, are there better controllers on the market?


Since I can use my 7800 homebrew games on the 2600+ I only use my old 7800 for 2600 incompatible homebrew games. Will the Atari adapter allow for homebrew 2600 games to work?


Any good websites for Colcecovision homebrew?


Thanks for your input. Also, what are your favorite Colecovision arcade ports or exclusives?

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I cannot be too helpful with some of the questions, as my Colecovision is still stock.

However, if you are looking for s controller that is a bit more like a traditional joystick you can look into getting a 'Super Action Controller'. I have a set and they are quite nice to use!

There is also the 'Wico Command Controller' though I have never tried one myself, and online comments about them I have read are not super flattering for the most part.

There are a few Colecovision titles in the AtariAge store https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_list&c=41

There are multicarts available online with the classic system titles, but other then AtariAge I have never really looked for homebrews for this system. You could try https://www.teampixelboy.com/ perhaps?

As for my favorite Colecovision titles, they would be: Ladybug, B.C.'s Quest for Tires, and Burgertime (Atari's 2600 version is not good!).

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