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Please help! Looking for Tempest

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Hello everyone.  I have not played any video games since the 80's back when gaming consoles first started.


I want to play Tempest (preferably the original, but not a must) on my TV and I am trying to find out what gaming console that I can buy today will do that, if any.


I did try the Atari Game Station Pro, but the poor controls and latency were a huge problem.  I sent it back for a refund.


I now have an Atari 2600 to play Berzerk,one of my favorites but can't seem to find Tempest.


I don't mind buying an entire second rig just for Tempest as long as I can play it on my TV with paddles without using a computer.  I would even buy the full-size video game console, which I know is available, but it just takes up too much room and I'd rather play while on my couch, so that would be my last option.


I came across this forum accidentally while looking for Tempest that would work with the Atari 2600 and was hoping that you experts out there might be able to help me out.  Thanks so much.  Ella.

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Tempest has been released on alot of software collections over the years for multiple consoles.  The only problem with this is you are either playing with a dpad control or analog stick which just isn't quite the same IMHO.


Arcade1up makes the Atari 50 couch cade which has Tempest and a spinner.  It's their version of the 'hook to the TV' version of their almost full size Tempest arcade game.




Might be the only avenue I can think of that fits your specifications. 


Me personally?  Mini PC, mame and tempest w usb spinner stick, which the above is a cheap version of...



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The Immortal John Hancock @swlovinist plays Tempest while testing out the paddle-joystick of the Atari VCS 800.   


John says he loves the joystick-spinner!  


Looks amazing with beautiful arcade bezel artwork and everything!  


Follow this link to watch John Hancock's video on Youtube


I hope this tip was helpful!  

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