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HSC21 Round 5: River Raid *NEW SEASON 2024*

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River Raid

The classic shooter is back for another HSC round

Start on Bridge 1


Bonus challenges

First life highest bridge reached

First life highest score

First life highest score on bridges 1 to 4 - score as soon as you see bridge 5 on the status bar (screenshot below)

Pro - highest bridge reached start on Bridge 50

Pro - highest score reached start on Bridge 50


River Raid Fandal XEX



Round NOW closes Thursday 18th April 4pm UK time

Everyone welcome to play :)

Edited by therealbountybob
Extended to Thu 18th 4pm UK time
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1st life: Bridge 11, score 16,850

1st life 1-4: 7,530


Final score: Bridge 20, score 35,870


Bridge 50 start: Bridge 55, score 15,180


Plays great on The400 Mini :)

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2 hours ago, McKong said:

114480 Bridge 50

1st life 62650 Bridge 33

1st life bridge 1-4 7720

Dang. I need to step my game up. I used to think I was "quite good" at River Raid! (Was ranked 3rd in the world on the 2600 version when Xbox Game Room was a thing :D

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First Life - Highest Bridge: 35

First Life - Highest Score: 65,650




Felt like "the game of my life", given that my best prior final score of the morning was >7,000 lower.


Things went rapidly South, from there (fuel being the biggest issue):


Furthest Bridge: 41

High Score: 87,250






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Welcome Torq and welcome back pjedavison :thumbsup: If you guys want to post scores for any of the eariler rounds please do on this thread and I'll sort out all the scoring at the end of this round :!:


Should have my first RR session tomorrow evening and will need to start up the R6 poll too... tempus fugit  :)

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2 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

If you guys want to post scores for any of the eariler rounds please do on this thread

When you say earlier rounds, do you mean, say, for the Galaxian round? ;)


In which case, my first game of today (I've been playing on the Mini 400 a fair bit lately):




This probably shouldn't count, even if it were within the original timeframe, as I was playing with a keyboard rather than a joystick (not sure I could do it with a joystick, though it'd be close).


Interesting things happen at this level ...


The PRIOR screen, when all the flags are flashing colors, you get either "J.T." or "J.J." (I'm not sure which, things are happening a bit fast) as the "explosion" when you kill one of the yellow ships when it is charging - instead of the occasional FUJI or Pac-Man graphic "easter eggs" (mentioned in the original manual for the cartridge).


THIS screen, the first flag turns static yellow/orange ... and the attack speed for the chargers DOUBLES (it's insane).  I'll have to record a video of it.


Also, there's a sort of "Pac-Man Pause" on wave 13 (it might be 14), where the aliens rarely charge, only one or two does at a time, and they only drop 1 or 2 bombs each when they do, and it takes an unusually long time for the next wave to start once you clear the current wave.


Anyway, I don't think it was a "thing" for the original Galaxian round, but I've managed this a couple of times ... which is getting to having all the flags color-cycling on my first life:





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