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SOLD! - ITC:- Repaired 7800 for sale with a few upgrades - Complete setup

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First let me state that I don't normally provide systems that I've serviced for sale. However, this is a pieced together 7800 that originally was a main board only that didn't work and was sent to me as a parts board. With a little work I was actually able to get it back to working 100% as it just needed some trace repairs that I performed mostly on the bottom side of the PCB. It has been sitting in the lab as another test system for a few months. I really don't need 2 lab 7800s so this one is now for sale. There have been few upgrades done on the console as well that I will detail below:


First let me begin by stating this is NOT a console for display and is very much designed and in a condition to be used. It isn't pretty by any means as the case shell was my old lab 7800's case. But I put that system into a 3D printed shell over a year ago so I was glad to be able to put this fully intact shell assembly to use again. It has scuffs, scratches...and shows it has been moved around a lot and used a lot. But again, it is sound and intact. There is no serial number sticker on the case as I transplanted that to my 3D printed shell sometime back.






In addition to the 7800, I'm also including a brand new Retro-bit Saturn composite, s-Video, and audio cable. This 7800 is using one of my newer 10pin mini din Saturn connectors for AV and these cables are what I've been using to test things with and produce good results.




I'm also including a modified NES style controller that I originally purchased from @DanthWader many years ago. I've modified this controller to work with remote pause function and as an extra button for the UP direction for games that might use UP for jump for instance.





Last, this console will also include a rebuilt Genesis model 1 power supply I did a few years back along with my very last Genesis to 7800 adapter cable that I made and sold also a few years back.



Now lets talk about this 7800 in more detail in regards to the repairs it needed and upgrades installed... and can still be added if the buyer wishes:

Again, originally this was just a main board to be used for parts, but I was able to repair some trace damage done by the original owner who attempted some mod work on it in the past. With a little bit of wire here and there, I was able to get it back to working 100%. Here is an overview of the bottom of the PCB with most of the repairs that were done being shown.



The flipflop IC for controller power on/off had a bad trace. Here is a detail of that repair:


The video buffer IC required the most repairs. Here is a detail of that:


The power LED didn't light up originally, and this was also due to a pad that the previous owner ripped off the board when trying to change the power LED themselves. This has been repaired and currently has an OEM red LED in it. But this can be changed out if the new owner wishes:


The panel buttons like most, weren't working as well as I would have liked. So those were replaced out with my Alps brand higher quality switches I offer. These are now my standard replacement switches over the OEM that I use in the consoles. Additionally, the TIA was replaced as the original contained an IMP branded one that is known to have compatibility issues with 2600 games and generates a poor video output. It now has a Signetics TIA installed.



The upgrades done on this console aren't everything that I usually offer but it is the bulk of what most of my clients would normally request. It has a UAV setup, DC-DC switching regulator, and a new remote pause modification installed internally.

The UAV setup uses a Brewing academy mount board that I had to repair to get working again. My mount boards that I usually provide are white in color to match the UAV. But TBA uses blue. Same design as my own so functionally there is no difference.


I been offering the new 10pin Saturn mini din setup for about 2 months now as a means to provide a near no cut solution for the AV output. The Saturn 10pin setup allows for composite, s-video, and audio to be ran to a single port. As the UAV only provides composite and s-video, that is all that is designed to work from this port. Audio comes from the mount board setup and also ran to the mini din. This allows a set of Saturn composite, s-video, or combo cables to be used. Again, a new AV cable with both composite and s-video is provided with this setup.


Here is how the rear of the console looks to give you an idea.


Here is a detail of the AV output section where the only modification needed was to widen the RF opening to allow for Saturn cables to pass through and seat fully to the connector.

NOTE:- ! As the mini din is soldered into place upside down, you have to insert the cable facing upside down as well. This means that the flat side of the cable plug should be facing up. Although the mini din jack appears to be opposite this setup, this is how it works.



A DC-DC voltage regulator was installed to replace the original linear style regulator. The advantage to this is a great reduction in overall heat inside the console as the heat sink isn't needed with this setup along with a nice steady +5v to the system. And all being done with only half the usual power current draw required.



A remote pause feature has been added to this 7800. It is only the 2nd 7800 I've done this with besides my daily driver. This kit is designed for use with a Sega Master System, but the SMS and 7800 share a similar pause setup so the kits for the SMS can be made to work in the 7800 as well. Because there is a slight possibility that the logic this uses could cause issues with AtariVox or other similar adapters. I've redone the channel select switch on the back to turn this remote pause feature on or off as needed. That said, I've not experienced any issues with my Atarivox and games I've played. But as there is always a chance, the switch ability was wired into place.



And that is pretty much it. Here are some example pics I took with my phone in the lab earlier today showing both the composite (small crt) and the s-video (larger LCD) output to give you an idea on what to expect. The same type of Retro-bit AV cables were used in this pictures as I use one in my lab.



The mount boards feature a chroma timing fix on them and this helps better align colors on 7800 games. But is also properly inverts the color signal in the process allowing Tower Toppler to be adjusted to look better than it normally would through a UAV on its own.



And there it is. Again, this isn't something I commonly do but I also don't need as many 7800s as I've currently got right now so I figured it is best to find this repaired ready to be played system a new forever home. 


This setup has now Sold!


I can also provide a few more options on this console before sending it to its new owner if they wish. These are the additional options I can provide on this console for extra:


- Different color power LED

- Audio input option for use with AtariVox

- Kiloparsec BIOS


Send me a PM if this 7800 is something you are interested in or would like to know more regarding additional modifications that can be added prior to shipping it out.


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9 hours ago, socrates63 said:

Darn it, missed the chance to add another ITC serviced console to my setup

Yeah it sold in less than 20min after I posted it. I was pretty surprised!


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12 minutes ago, -^CrossBow^- said:

Yeah it sold in less than 20min after I posted it. I was pretty surprised!

Not surprised at all.  Your work is meticulous and second to none, documented with great pictures.

Some very lucky party became owner of a fantastically and wonderfully modified 7800 console.

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2 hours ago, Trebor said:

Not surprised at all.  Your work is meticulous and second to none, documented with great pictures.

Some very lucky party became owner of a fantastically and wonderfully modified 7800 console.

this ☝️

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36 minutes ago, Bratwurst said:

What DC-DC voltage regulator do you recommend using these days for the 7800, @-^CrossBow^- ?


Also this is the first I'm seeing of a mount board add-on for the UAV. I must investigate.

I've been using the Traco made 2-2450. It is a drop in 7805 replacement that provides up to 2A of +5v steady voltage. Can operate between 7v - 35v input. They aren't cheap as they run about $12 each but I try and order about 10 at a time here and there to keep on hand and install for those folks that want that luxury.


As for the mount boards, I designed them about 2 years ago and been using them just as long. Nothing fancy, but I waned to find an easier method that folks could use to install UAVs into their 7800s that provided the slight image improvement from the chroma timing adjustment and also provide an easy way to handle the audio. Brewing Academy was interested in offering them so I provide the gerbers and BOM to them so they could make them more en mass. That said, I still have my own PCBs made that are white in color to match the UAVs and hand solder them up myself. I have made slight changes in the way the traces are routed and provided an extra audio input to make my Avox audio input option easier to do.

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24 minutes ago, Flyindrew said:

Though Im totally aware this item has already sold, wanted to just compliment you on your work. Impressive.

Thank you! After having done so many of these now over the past 6 years, I've gotten pretty familiar with the NTSC 7800 console and found ways to improve my skills as a result.The Intellivision is starting to become the next console I'm getting quite familiar with as well these days as Intellivisions and Atari consoles are the most requested I service these days.


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