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Help Me Find This Component

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I want to start a thread where we can help each other find obscure parts.   It can be a fun game, maybe you even need the part for a project.


I will get it rolling:


Who made these colorful slide switches, and where can you get them now?

(IC included for scale.)




Seen on Madge Networks 1987 Token-Ring network card (ISA). Made in the U.K.


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Wow, I have never seen anything like that, they sure are cute, but VERY expensive.  I would only use these if I were making a one-off board for myself, and if I *really* wanted that aesthetic.  Otherwise, there are colored DIP jumper shunts of all sorts that will work just as well.

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I browsed slide switches at TEDSS.com: page 5 shows an ERG 10-DIP for $10.


Website says that they "cater to hobbyists" and "hard to find parts". For this pricing, there is a minimum $20 per line item (so two switches) and $40 minimum order. 

I could see using a color 2-switch in place of 2 jumpers. For instance BlackIce has a DFU mode jumper next to a serial port enable jumper--not labeled. 

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On 4/1/2024 at 9:12 AM, khanivore said:

I have a couple of 8-way ones here.  Really old,  30+ yrs at least.  It looks like you can still get something similar from Newark / Farnell ? https://www.newark.com/erg-components/sds-8-014/dip-switch-8-spst-co-slide-1a/dp/08WX5542


Has anyone noticed that the switch colors correspond to the digits for resistor color codes?  Could be handy...

Don't know about number 7; that looks more like dark blue than violet.

Could have been great for customer-service types, back when computers used DIP switches.  "Turn the green switch on, leave all the others off."


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