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eeprom drop in replacement pcb for original 32kb cartridges


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Hi there,


my Choplifter ROM died recently 😭 (D3 always stays high no matter which address is read, all other data pins still work fine). After several rescue attempts of the ROM failed I needed a replacement.


I want to keep the cartridge as original as possible without any modifications to the PCB. Thus I have developed a drop in replacement PCB. Instead of the original masked ROM this PCB with some ICs is used. Soldering the SMD components is a bit tricky and the Atmel/Microchip AT28C256 isn't the cheapest IC out there - but maybe somebody find this useful:




Best Regards


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I believe C024926 was meant to be stated.  A C024826 does not appear to exist.


Unfortunately, in addition to the method being more costly than simply replacing the cartridge, it damages the original label too.


This concept may need to be paired with an (additional cost/) additional step of a replacement label for the one that was damaged, when disassembling the cartridge.


Regardless, if the goal is for a close to an original 32K PCB replacement, costs are not a consideration, then mission accomplished. 


Noteworthy too, Atari developers had several different revisions of a 32K PCB.  For example, Choplifter! can be found utilizing any one of the three C024926 PCB versions that exist.

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Posted (edited)

@Trebor: Yes sorry my mistake. Did a typo - also i forgot to public the GIT page. So you can visit the page now. For some reason I can't fix my initial post the proper link is: https://github.com/smesgr9000/C024926-Adapter

you can easily remove both labels without damaging the label itself. With an hot air station set to 180°C the labels will peel of easily. See the picture with front label after the repair job. (edit: still not a job I'm very keen of - a bit nerve-racking)


For me it isn't cheaper anymore. Maybe it is still in US but in EU the prices are climbing. It is hard to get a specific game for <20€. Especially a NTSC-version.



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