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AVC Games Round 2 Completed (Ports): Elevator Agent

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Welcome to the 2nd round of The AVC Games: Harmony Games (2600 division)
Round 2 Completed: Ports: ElevatorAgent by Champ Games/ @johnnywc John Champue
since this game can't be ran on an actual system you can only play it via emulators like Stella 6.7 or Gopher2600.
You can download the final Demo game here:link

Play on standard setting (arcade) difficultly setting doesn't matter
Left : a- Startup animation only plays when entering the first building.
    b- Startup animation plays when entering each new building.

Right: a- Disable the in game music. b- enable the in game music.
Game Loops Back to level 1 after competing level 4
scores up to level 4 can be submitted.

9pts for for 1st place and 1pt for last place and after

now in open challenge:  we now leave it open
for the first ten players to score. once we get 10 scores we will then close the round

Score can be submitted three ways Now:   

  1. via this post on Atari Age (like normal)
  2. via Facebook on the Atari Video Club group (thread post will be set up)
  3. via the AVC Online website on the AVC Games Page
Edited by Dan Iacovelli
round 2 Open challenge
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