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White 4gig 360 - do people still buy these used?

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I think there's still some people out there who buy them. I see them at online retailers for around $100-140. Although MS has been pretty good about maintaining backward compatibility as they've released new consoles, there have been some XBLA games that have been delisted and physical games that had licensing issues that mean they can only be played on a 360. I'm about to set mine back up to play a few games that don't have backwards compatibility on the Series... hopefully it still works ~ I haven't used it for about 10 years I think.

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People absolutely still play them/buy them. It just depends on the price.


Trade-in at my local game store looks to be about $40 - $45 for a 4GB model right now (doesn't matter the era, i.e., an original, a Slim model, a 360-E, etc). Sell prices are $100+. If you want it gone fast and sell directly to an individual, you could meet in the middle and ask $80-ish for it. I'm sure someone would snag it--it's still a great platform with a massive library.

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