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Jumping at Shadows: Moth-Line Contest! ***NOW LIVE!***


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It's time for another Reboot contest!

This will be the 4th contest this year! The games keep coming. Reboot does not sleep!

You can grab all Reboots Patreon games here:  https://www.patreon.com/rebootgames/posts


Jumping at Shadows: Moth-Line Contest!

The "high scorer" will receive a surprise Jaguar swag item.

Don't think you can compete? No problem. One random person who submits a score will receive a prize.

Everyone who submits a score will be entered into a second chance drawing, so post your scores!



Contest runs until Friday, May 31st (cutoff time will be @ 10pm)

Just post a picture of your score.

You can post as many scores as you want. (more chances for the second chance drawing)


Don't have Jumping at Shadows: Moth-Line? Information about the game and how to get it are below:

It was a blast playing Raiding Rivers, Rebooteroids Caravan, and Kobayashi Maru Caravan.

Jumping at Shadows: Moth-Line looks every bit as fun!


Check out Jumping at Shadows: Moth-Line here: 


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Moth-Line v1.01 is now available for patreon supporters with the following changes:


;; v1.01
;; Score line shown on first load
;; Highscore added
;; EEPROM load/save for highscore
;; BLUE Robot turns ORANGE shortly before turning RED
;; Score points float upwards from dots/pills/ghost kills
;; Intro splash screen improvements
;; EYES sprite changed to be more visible


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Current Leader: 

6694  -  grips03


3371  -  K3V

3787  -  grips03

4006  -  grips03

4635  -  grips03

4841  -  grips03

5858  -  grips03

3206  -  Machine

4631  -  Clint Thompson

5738  -  ZPH(James)

2630  -  ZPH(Tanya)

6694  -  grips03

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