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if I turn off wifi, my Switch won't get any updates, right?

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Hi all, sorry if this is super basic I just want to confirm before spending some cash.

If I turn off wifi on my Nintendo Switch, that will stop it from updating, right?


I'm considering one of those little pinball cabinets you can slide the Switch in to but given Williams tables have changed licenses and publishers over the years, I'd be annoyed if I got a cabinet, set up Pinball FX to my liking only to find five years from now they lost the license and my pinball cab doesn't do what I want it to do anymore.


If I turn off wifi, that'll stop it, right?

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Licensing has no relation to your Switch's firmware, though. If you buy a game, it should still be accessible the way it was, especially if it's in physical form. Don't forget to read the terms of use (if there are some) though, because it's technically possible but it never happens except for games as a service and online heavy games.

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I use an "unavailable" network with my switch. Something like my cellphone which is rarely on for internet purposes. I just occasionally update, like once a year or so, instead of the constant IV of internet. I mean, I can see an online heavy game needing more updates, but daily or weekly? So any device that uses internet I work this way, when the internets off it won't update.

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On 4/15/2024 at 4:16 PM, roots.genoa said:

If you buy a game, it should still be accessible the way it was, especially if it's in physical form.

Mostly true. If you purchase a compilation of games however (Crash Bandicoot Nsane trilogy for one), only one game will be available. The others need to be downloaded.

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Me too. I love spyro, but won't support this type of broken game. I stay away from all the games with the blue "download required" line on the label. While pretty much any game will try to update if you hook to the internet, as of yet, none are out and out broken if they don't have the download required line. (In my experience, I'm sure some exist)


Its why switch is my system of choice, they still make games sans internet, AND clearly mark broken ones. After Xbox one which required downloading every game I bought on it, I'm done with Microsoft. And ps4 worked fine, but as of yet I've not heard of any must haves on ps5 so I've not upgraded yet. Here's hoping it followed ps4 and not Xbox ones formula.


I'd gladly buy spyro, if they fully released it on a card, I'd even pay extra for that, so the current one game card or digital doesn't do it for me.

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