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Help With Code From Hugg's Book

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I'm going through some code from Hugg's book "Making Games For Atari 2600";

particularly the LDA BGColor. Is A being loaded initially with #$00?

Since the variable BGColor location is at $81 (zero page), and zero page has been cleared after the CLEAN_START macro?


Thanks for any help clarifying this.


; Let's define a variable to hold the starting color
; at memory address $81
BGColor	equ $81

; The CLEAN_START macro zeroes RAM and registers

; Enable VBLANK (disable output)
	lda #2
        sta VBLANK
; At the beginning of the frame we set the VSYNC bit...
	lda #2
	sta VSYNC
; And hold it on for 3 scanlines...
	sta WSYNC
	sta WSYNC
	sta WSYNC
; Now we turn VSYNC off.
	lda #0
	sta VSYNC

; Now we need 37 lines of VBLANK...
	ldx #37
LVBlank	sta WSYNC	; accessing WSYNC stops the CPU until next scanline
	dex		; decrement X
	bne LVBlank	; loop until X == 0

; Re-enable output (disable VBLANK)
	lda #0
        sta VBLANK
; 192 scanlines are visible
; We'll draw some rainbows
	ldx #192
	lda BGColor	; load the background color out of RAM
	adc #1		; add 1 to the current background color in A
	sta COLUBK	; set the background color
	sta WSYNC	; WSYNC doesn't care what value is stored
	bne ScanLoop

; Enable VBLANK again
	lda #2
        sta VBLANK
; 30 lines of overscan to complete the frame
	ldx #30
LVOver	sta WSYNC
	bne LVOver
; The next frame will start with current color value - 1
; to get a downwards scrolling effect
	dec BGColor

; Go back and do another frame
	jmp NextFrame
	org $fffc
	.word Start
	.word Start


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Posted (edited)



I saw this code in another book, for initially clearing memory;


    ldx #$ff

    lda #$00


    sta $00,x ; when x=#$00 it doesn't get stored into memory location $00 due to the "bne clear"


    bne clear

With above code Memory location $00 is left uncleared?

Would this be a good solution?


    ldx #$0

    lda #$0


    sta $00,x

    dex           ;1st time through loop, x now = #$ff

    bne clear

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