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RELEASE: Phoenix 2001 Recallit v2.00 by O.P.A.

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Phoenix 2001 Recallit v2.00 Source Code Release from the O.P.A. 1991 Archive


Here is another great TMS9900 assembly code release from our archives, this program was one of the first to use RAMBO memory to store a name/address database allowing for very fast sorting, searching, etc.


Sadly, over the years I have lost the original manual for it that was included when TI99'ers bought the program from O.P.A. back during the '90s, if anyone has a printed copy they could scan in that would be great!


Enjoy! 🥳




Original O.P.A. Project Page: https://garyopa.com/recallit/




RECALLIT 2001, was originally a simple Name and Address Lister, but is fast becoming a powerful database.


Using the RAMBO PROGRAM SPACE from 8K to 512K it can store up to 4000 records, each with 10 defined fields. Searching for strings can be done in any field combination. A variety of printouts from labels to two- columns are supported. Re-indexing by any field is possible.


Like other Phoenix 2001 software it has easy-to-learn menus, all contained in a 100% Assembly program. An amazing thing about RECALLIT 2001 combined with RAMBO is the ZERO-TIME sorter, you will never have to wait.



Also available on my GitHub as well: https://github.com/gary99opa/Recallit2001


* PHOENIX 2001 RECALLIT v2.00 by Cecil Chin of O.P.A.
* 1991 Source Code Release
* By Oasis Pensive Abacutors
* Via Gary Bowser (GARYOPA)
* Released April 16th, 2024
* Uploaded to ti99.atariage.com
NF-S    -> Recallit Main Source Assemble File
NF-MAIN -> Part 1/3 of Recallit Assembly Code
NF-MAIO -> Part 2/3 of Recallit Assembly Code
NF-MAIP -> Part 3/3 of Recallit Assembly Code
NF-MAIQ -> Recallit Printing Routines
NF-MAIR -> Recallit Sorting  Routines
NF-SUBS -> Most of the Common BL Sub-Routines
NF-BLWP -> Recallit Video & DSR BLWP Routines
NF-TEXT -> TEXT lines for Menus and Printer
NF-DATA -> Recallit DATA, BYTES and BSS's
NF-LOW  -> Phoenix 2001 Logo,Chara,Title Data



RECALLIT.dsk Recallit2001-Source-Files-Only.zip Recallit2001_2_00_GARYOPA_04_16_2024.zip

Edited by Gary from OPA
added missing text
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5 minutes ago, dhe said:

Wasn't this to be the first in a series of user written software? Is Mr. Chin still with us?

Yes, he still is. And I talk to him on weekly basis, he been trying to get a few of us local GTA TI99'ers back together in some form, and Mr. Chin was one of only ones that wrote to me while I was in SeaTac Federal custody during that period of time in my life. And has helped me out a bit after I got back to land of freedom in Canada.


I have his permission to release a few other programs he has written for OPA over the years, and will be putting them together and uploading them like my other releases to GitHub and AtariAge here.


He no longer has any TI99 real equipment, but does play with Classic99 now and then on his Windows PC's and it would be great if he would get back into doing some programming, but we will see.


Thanks for asking about him, he been a great friend and was wonderful employee as well, and had a long history of working with Bell Canada as well, which a lot of the local 99'ers in this area had back in the day as well.

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