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Funny playing GBC FPGA

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I guess I have been out of the loop on the development of an affordable GBC DIY build based on FPGA. Here is a review from Lon on Youtube:




This looks great and it is finally an affordable FPGA device. I ended up ordering the parts from https://funnyplaying.com/ which ended up at around $83 total shippped.


I can't speak for this personally until I get it so don't take this post as a recommendation. But, I will post again when I have it all together and let everyone know how I feel about it. However, looks pretty good!


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I need to order one, just hasn't been a priority because the being off speed a little kind of put me off it when it first arrived.  The thing is, I can't find anyone to be straight about it, opinions vary, if it's that big of an issue.  Is it off where you really can feel it and sound is off key too or messes with your jumps in Mario type stuff?  Or is it just something some speed running princess will get panties in a twist over type problematic like the Super GB 1 vs SGB2 was with the corrected clock crystal??


I like the idea I can preserve my 8bit Gameboy's which now just are toxic to buy these days with this as an alternative.  This seems far smarter and more sensible than that mis-spelled slighty buggy GB Boy Color out of HK for years now.

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